Guo Kai

Department of Accounting

When I decided to start my academic journey, I wanted to choose a PhD program that not only provides students with rigorous research training but also holds a leading position in emerging market research. The NUS PhD program was the best choice for me. I met many professors who shared their valuable thoughts about how to undertake meaningful research as well as their insights on key issues in emerging markets. I am confident that after graduation from NUS, I will be better prepared to pursue my academic goal.

Lyu Guodong

Department of Analytics and Operations

As the leading school from Asia, NUS Business School equips students to offer valuable contributions through academic research and outreach activities. NUS faculty members are renowned for their research excellence and diverse academic experience across the world. Students learn from top researches and enjoy great opportunities to collaborate with them.

Ofir Gefen

Department of Finance

I joined the NUS PhD programme with the goal of pursuing a career as an academic. NUS Business school provides a rigorous curriculum with a focus on empirical research. From the start I have benefited from learning opportunities provided by the faculty members through weekly seminars and other knowledge sharing platforms. Finding an advisor, future collaborators, forming connections and creating a supportive atmosphere that foster research are in my opinion, NUS’s competitive advantages.

Neha Tripathi

Department of Management & Organisation

NUS hosts an incredible research-oriented environment with approachable faculty members, top-class resources and numerous opportunities for internal and external collaboration. Eminent scholars and professors from top universities across the globe visit almost every week giving students access to the latest research trends, ideas and future directions for their own research. The NUS doctoral programme provides all the ingredients to nourish students intellectually in a vibrant and welcoming research environment.

Teow Hong Jun Jasper

Department of Marketing

Having done my undergraduate degree at NUS Business School, I have no doubts about its quality and commitment to excellence, which was a major factor in me applying for the PhD programme. The outstanding research standard and collaborative nature of the faculty members in NUS provides plenty of opportunities for my research ideas and directions to be constantly examined, improved upon, and challenged by great minds.

Siddharth Natarajan

Department of Strategy & Policy

I joined the PhD programme at NUS Business School to tap on vast opportunities in academia and to influence society at large. The NUS PhD programme is an excellent place to embark on this journey; it provides an intellectually stimulating environment, rigorous training in management research, and access to world-class scholars.