At NUS Business School we focus on research that is rigorous, relevant and impactful.

We are ranked No. 3 in Asia and 36th in the world by the University of Texas, Dallas Top 100 Business School Research Rankings™. Our research has also gained the attention of top industry leaders, policy makers as well as international media.

Asia is not the future; it’s the present. We are proud that much of the work we do uses local data to examine and explain the phenomena and concepts that impact the region. Reflecting our mission of “Leading from Asia”, we are eager to be a pioneer in this important and growing stream of research.

As a PhD student at NUS Business School, you will be part of an intellectually intense environment with over 130 faculty members from leading universities all over the world. Together, you will collaborate to rethink and solve today’s most pressing and intriguing business challenges.

To support your endeavours, the extensive resources of Asia’s premier university are at your fingertips. In addition, NUS Business School offers its network of internationally renowned researchers and organisations to provide you with expert guidance and opportunities.

I encourage you to immerse yourself in our research community and develop insights that excite both the academic and business world in Asia and beyond.


Andrew K. Rose

Distinguished Professor and Dean
NUS Business School