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Commentary: Grab-Uber merger will lead to monopolistic prices? Flawed thinking
29 March 2018 | Channel NewsAsia

In a commentary, Assoc Prof Nitin Pangarkar (Dept of Strategy & Policy) says consumers should not be alarmed as there is a cap to how the “new Grab” can raise prices, especially in a small country like Singapore. He says that even if there are monopolistic prices, consumers will respond by switching to public transport and taxis.

New regulation drives bike-sharing operators forward, not burden them
26 March 2018 | TODAY

In a commentary, Asst Prof He Long (Dept of Analytics & Operations) and Asst Prof Yang Nan (Dept of Strategy & Policy) say LTA’s new licensing regime could move operators away from the mind-set of always looking to adding bicycles and to focus more on managing their fleets efficiently. This could even be the key to a sustainable success for the operators.

Looking at workplace aggression through a new lens
23 March 2018 | The Business Times

In a commentary, Prof Vivien Lim says workplace aggression can cost employees their mental health and even their livelihoods. It can also lead to low morale, frequent absenteeism and high turnover of staff.