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How to get ahead in your job when you don't know anyone
06 July 2018 | The Business Times

In a commentary on his study of new employees building networks in their companies, Assoc Prof Daniel McAllister says recruits with limited or no managerial connections, but who have strong ties with their co-workers and favourable self-evaluations, are just as successful in adjusting to their new roles as those with connections.

How mortgages have a critical impact on presidential elections
03 July 2018 | The Washington Post

The article features a study by Asst Prof Adonis Antoniades that found voters in the US do not always reward politicians for a boom in local credit supply but are quick to punish them when credit is less available.

A paradox at the heart of gift-giving
28 June 2018 | The Economist

The article features Asst Prof Adelle Yang’s study on gift-giving, where the recipients tend to react more positively to things of less long-term satisfaction.

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