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What the partial truce in the US-China trade war means for the global economy, and what comes next
16 January 2020 | CNA

Visiting Senior Fellow Alex Capri comments on the implications of the recently-concluded China-US phase one trade deal.

Digital banks could mean lower costs for consumers
8 January 2020 | The Straits Times

Assoc Prof Lawrence Loh explains that digital banks have a low-cost base, thus savings can be passed on to customers.

Business outlook for 2020
31 December 2019 | The Straits Times

In a commentary, Distinguished Prof Andrew Rose, Low Tuck Kwong Distinguished Professor in Finance Sumit Agarwal, Assoc Prof Lawrence Loh, Visiting Senior Fellow Alex Capri, and Adjunct Assoc Prof Andreas Raharso share their 2020 outlook in the areas of macro economy, financial markets, corporate governance, artificial intelligence and leadership.

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