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Grab and ZhongAn to launch insurance platform in South-East Asia
16 January 2019 | Financial Times

Prof Sumit Agarwal says combining the insurance platform with Grab’s data on drivers’ behaviour could help the company negotiate insurance products in bulk for lower prices.

Measuring the economy: Look to human capital
11 January 2019 | The Straits Times

In a commentary, Assoc Prof Toh Mun Heng says policymakers should not use the wage bill as a proportion of GDP, but look at the share of remuneration to human capital in the creation and distribution of wealth in the nation.

Robots at your service
10 January 2019 | The Business Times

In a commentary, Prof Jochen Wirtz says robots in the services sector offer exciting opportunities, but social challenges such as loss of wages will need to be addressed by governments and societies.

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