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Schools of enterprise: How management consulting firms produce CEOs and entrepreneurs
02 October 2018 | The Edge

Prof Tsieh Tsun-yan, who worked at consulting firm McKinsey for three decades, says associates’ access to high-level consulting projects give them the confidence to eventually lead the companies they consulted for.

Finding the right hook: Meet Lerine Yeo, the ‘S hook sales lady’ whose live sales video has gone viral
30 September 2018 | The Straits Times

Asst Prof Daniel He says Ms Yeo is popular because she can relate to her target audience – Singaporeans.

Singapore keeps status as leader in Asian business education
27 September 2018 | Financial Times

Prof Jochen Wirtz says Singapore’s business environment makes it attractive to overseas business schools to set up here. In a video, Assoc Prof Prem Shamdasani says global firms choose Singapore as an innovation testbed, while MBA students Tess Wartanian and John Eakins say they see the city-state as a business hub for the region.