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5th Year Financial Assistance

5th year support is generally provided but the extent of which is based on student’s satisfactory progress in the programme.

Other Opportunities

There are several schemes in the university for students to augment their monthly income. These schemes are not guaranteed. The availability of these opportunities depends on the individual student’s initiative, capabilities, enthusiasm to learn and willingness to work hard. These schemes are explained below.

  1. Teaching Opportunities: Students who have defended their thesis proposal may be appointed as part-time tutors by their respective departments. The scheme is meant to develop the pedagogical skills of our students. Many such opportunities are generally available at the Business School but the actual offer is subject to internal tutoring requirements. For more information, please refer to

  2. Post-Qualifying Examination Top-Up: Students who pass their qualifying examination after the coursework receive an additional $500 per month for at least one year.

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