Graduate student application for housing

Residential Services processes student applications for housing during the course of their studies in NUS.

Prospective Incoming Graduates may submit their application for housing as soon as they have submitted their application to NUS even if they have not yet received their confirmation package. Please refer to for housing information.

Newly admitted students are typically required to report around mid-July to the programme office. Following orientation, they will be advised by their departmental graduate coordinators about coursework and enrolment. Research students must take a minimum of three courses and a maximum of five courses per semester. The courses are mostly doctoral seminars, which involve intensive and fundamental treatment of the subject. Students in such classes are usually expected to perform significant amounts of reading, independent analysis and critique.

New students in the PhD programme are attached to a mentor. The mentor is a faculty member in the student’s department. The student is expected to work with and learn from the mentor. The mentorship is supposed to expose the students to research and teaching, and enhance their skills. As part of the scholarship, each student assists the mentor for a minimum of 6 hours per week, performing teaching and research related tasks. The mentors can also guide and instruct the students to develop new skills.

Students from institutions whose medium of instruction is not English, have to pass an English proficiency test upon registration. Those who fail this test are required to attend remedial basic and/or intermediate English classes, and eventually pass the test.

Prospective students are encouraged to read the Faculty & Research and Meet the Students sections to learn more about our current students, faculty members and their research interests.

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