All PhD students are allocated office rooms equipped with a computer and printer. In addition, there are several excellent computer laboratories within the school of business and across the campus. Students can also buy their notebook computers from the NUS Co-operative Stores. The NUS Co-op offers state-of-the-art notebook computers at discounted prices and installments to students. The campus is wired to facilitate wireless operation of computers.

The NUS library system is among the best in the world. Students have access to six libraries around the campus. The Hon Sui Sen Memorial Library specialise in business and management related publications. Virtually all the major journals, periodicals and important books published in business and management are available at the library. In addition, all NUS libraries have adopted the digital mode. This means that NUS staff and students can access dozens of electronic databases and thousands of journals from their computers, search for materials on line, and download articles and data.

The school encourages students to grow intellectually and gain exposure. The school provides financial and material support to students who present papers at reputable conferences or attempt to publish in reputable journals. The school also organises workshops and conferences from time to time, and students are encouraged to participate in these events.