The School also actively engages our corporate partners through the exchange of thought leadership by conducting high-level speaking engagements such as NUS Asian Business Series and Leadership Dialogue Series where high-level executives speak at our forums to our faculty, staff, students and corporate partners

Leadership Dialogue Series creates a dynamic platform for a rigorous and stimulating exchange of extensive ideas and knowledge of our business community. Topics range from values and attributes of a leader to business management and entrepreneurship.

  • The Future of Marketing
  • Mr Lee Jui Siang
  • President, Samsung Electronic Singapore
  • Mr Howie Lau
  • Chief Marketing Officer, Starhub
  • 22 Feb 2018
  • Singapore
  • Mistakes I Made & Lessons I Have Learnt
  • Mr Nikhil Srinivasan
  • Partner at Highbridge Principal Strategies (HPS) and Visiting Fellow at Oxford University Centre of Corporate Reputation
  • 17 Oct 2017
  • Singapore
William Strong
  • Dynamic Leadership for a Dynamic Region
  • Mr. Richard Howard
  • President & CEO, Daimler Financial Services Africa & Asia
  • Member, Board of Management, Daimler Financial Services AG
  • 2 Oct 2013
  • Singapore
  • Implications for the global financial markets
  • Mr Navtej S. Nandra
  • Head of International, Morgan Stanley Investment Management
  • Chief Strategy Officer, Morgan Stanley Real Estate Investing and Merchant Banking
  • 30 January 2013
  • Singapore
  • Is Everyone A Leader?
  • Mr Hsieh Tsun-Yan
  • Special Advisor to McKinsey & Co.; Founder of the McKinsey Centre for Asian Leadership
  • 07 Oct 2009
  • Singapore

NUS Asian Business Series is a platform that showcases Asian thought leadership from the business luminaries of Asia. Topics cover macroeconomics, business trends and global issues that impact Asian economies.