NUS BIZ Career Services Recruiting Calendar

Activity Semester 1 Semester 2
Academic Term
Students attend classes and lectures
Aug – Nov Jan – Apr
Recruitment Activities
Corporate recruiting activities
take place during this period
Aug – Sep Jan – Feb
Networking Event
Early Sep Feb/Mar
Mid‐term break 3rd/4th
week of Sep
week of Apr
Recruitment Activities
Oct Mar
No recruitment activities during this
Nov Apr
Internship & Vacation Period
Students are available for internship
for 5 weeks in Semester 1, and 12 weeks
in Semester 2
Dec – early Jan May – Jul
Google Recruitment Talk

Keeping your firm’s name in front of potential candidates is an important strategy in attracting the best talents. Being on campus is good way to connect with our business students to increase awareness of posted jobs and internships: generate greater awareness among the student community maintain a good reputation on campus meet potential candidates early in their career decision making process.

If you are interested and would like to organise a campus recruitment talk, conduct a forum to share on industry trends, or schedule an on-campus interviewing session, our office will be here to assist you.

You may find the following information useful in planning your event:

Recruiting Season

The best time to organise your event is at the beginning of each semester, i.e. late August to early October and late January to early March each year.

Most of our undergraduate recruiting events are scheduled in the evening, starting at 6.15pm, as classes typically end by 6pm. MBA recruiting events are typically held on Wednesday and Friday afternoons. Most recruitment presentations usually last for about 45 minutes to an hour, followed by a cocktail reception sponsored by the firm.

How it Works

Our account manager will work closely with you to identify a suitable date, time and venue for the event.

The event may be held on or off-campus. Once the details are finalised, our office will publicise the event to our students, who will register with us via our online-registration system, if they are interested to attend. To ensure a good turnout, publicity should ideally begin as early as three weeks before the event.

We will also assist in the registration and distribution of marketing collaterals on the day of the event.