Why Give

Why My Gift Matters

Different Ways to Make a Difference

You may make an unrestricted gift, designate it for a specific cause or research, or tailor it. You can pledge an endowed gift where the principal sum is preserved and invested to earn returns to support the gift purpose. Alternatively, you can plan an expendable gift where the entire sum will be spent on the intended purpose. Choose anonymity or avail yourself of the naming opportunities listed below to honour an organisation or loved ones. 

Named Gift Minimum Gift Level (S$)
Endowed Expendable
Medal or Prize 75,000 15,000
Bursary or Scholarship 150,000 45,000
Faculty Research Fund 625,000 150,000
Fellowship 625,000 Not applicable
Professorship 2,000,000 600,000
Distinguished Professorship 5,000,000 Not applicable

Please contact us for making named contributions.