BMO5000 Block Seminar: Managing Plurality: Self-Leadership in the Global Organisation

This seminar is built around the perspective that management and organisation in the 21st century is more than ever characterised by multiple rationalities rather than a singular rationality, and such rationalities are always context dependent. The ‘reality’ of organisational life is never simply ‘out there’ presenting itself in a clear, self-explanatory manner, and thus, management is much more than acquiring linear prescriptions and systematic solutions.

As the title indicates, the purpose of this seminar will be twofold: to initiate students into some key contemporary issues and challenges confronting management and organisations in the global arena in the 21st century, and interwoven with, and central to this, to guide students to consider how they will lead, first, themselves, and in time others, in such a context. Thus, students reflect on how they may grow a sense of ‘self-leadership’ and develop a mindset for management that will acknowledge and encompass competing values, contested norms, and varying rationalities at play.

BMS5403 Global Management Practicum

This course is designed to introduce students to human behaviour in organisational contexts across the globe. The study of organisations involves examining processes at the individual, group and organisational levels. This course will focus on the individual and group level of analysis. As this is a class that focuses on Global Management, it will also emphasize cross-national and cultural differences when appropriate.

BMS5404 Becoming Future Prepared Global Leaders

We explore some of the latest discoveries in behavioural science that are applicable to leading ourselves and organisations across the globe. Participants apply the research findings to design new ways of leading organizations that will create a sustainable competitive advantage for the business, as well as well-being for its members. Part of the discovery will be about how our own leadership behaviours might shape members of our team. Thus, the key to changing behaviours, norms, and organizational culture is to change our own behaviours so that others can react to them in desired ways.

BMO5003 Workplace and Corporate Deviance

The main objective of this course is to examine the often neglected darker side of the organisation i.e., deviant and unethical behaviours committed by employees in the workplace. We will also discuss the issues of organisational misconduct and corporate ethics. Both the employee and organisation will be the subjects of our analysis. The course is aimed at providing an understanding and analysis of deviant behaviours, corporate wrongdoing and organisational ethics.

BMO5004 Special Topics in Organisational Behaviour

This seminar will cover contemporary topics in the field of organisational behaviour. Students will learn about the topics that have received recent attention in the research literatures. Also, students will develop more sophisticated knowledge concerning the different research methodologies employed by scholars in investigating these topics.