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As part of our ongoing educational, research and training activities conducted within the CAMRI Investment Management and Trading Lab, students in the undergraduate fund management classes are asked to prepare team-based fundamental equity research reports as well as portfolio and trading reports. For this purpose, they made use of software available in the lab, such as MSCI Barra Aegis, MSCI Barra Alphabuilder, Thomson Reuters 3000 Xtra and Thomson Reuters Starmine. The various software and databases are all available for students' use in the CAMRI Lab.

Some of the reports' details are provided below:
(Strictly for NUS Business School faculty, staff and students only)

These student equity and portfolio reports will eventually lead to the formation of a fund management learning module track and a Student Managed Fund (SMF) at NUS Business School. This is a CAMRI-led effort to create a platform in which to expose and train NUS Business School students in fiduciary fund management by providing them with hands-on experience in the execution, management & monitoring of a real portfolio using state-of-the-art investment research, tools and facilities at the CAMRI Lab. Students will be involved in all aspects of investment management, ranging from investment research, investment thesis generation and pitching, trade execution, portfolio & risk management & monitoring, dealing with counterparties, to day-to-day operational duties. Through such exposure and training, we wish to develop well-trained & high-performing asset managers who have a strong sense of integrity & fiduciary responsibility, and who are well-equipped to become highly-skilled stewards of both institutions’ & individuals’ financial assets. We also wish to give our students a competitive career edge in the asset management industry. Finally, we hope to further raise the global and international profile of NUS Business School by being the first business school in Asia to provide a university-approved opportunity to its students to manage money in the most well-equipped and professional environment (CAMRI Lab). Please click here to see the projected fund management learning module track leading to NUS Business School students being certified to be a part of the Student Managed Fund team.

Equity Reports

These are fundamental equity research reports prepared by our undergraduate students for stocks trading on the exchanges in the Asia-Pacific region, including Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Australia, India, Indonesia and Japan. The student groups are required to do detailed fundamental analysis of a company of their choice, and provide a recommendation (i.e., BUY/HOLD/SELL) based on their research and analysis. (link)

Portfolio Management & Trading Reports

Students were required to build investment portfolios based on their fundamental equity research with the objective of generating portfolio returns in excess of their relevant benchmarks (stock index, cash, etc.). As part of this exercise, students were required to use various portfolio construction techniques, e.g. Black-Litterman, and analytic tools, e.g. BARRA, to build optimized stock portfolios and present coherent risk analyses for such. (link)

CAMRI Applied Portfolio Management Students in the News

Sem 1 2011 - Students in the News

1. The Way Forward with CIMB Trading Competition 2011, 29 October 2011

4 of our BBA Honors students from the Applied Portfolio Management class (FIN4112K) taught out of the CAMRI Lab, won the Way Forward with CIMB Trading Competition 2011 held in Kuala Lumpur on Saturday, 29th October 2011. Each finalist team was required to present to the judges a Powerpoint presentation which informs the judges of the team's trading strategies and fundamentals applied in making their investment decisions throughout the 3 weeks of competition. Teams were judged on team work, presentation skills and trading strategies.

Winning Team: Royal Financial
1. Team Leader: Ong Wee Sern – FIN4112K P1 student
2. Benjamin Chua Zhaorong – FIN4112K P1 student
3. Oh Yu Jin – FIN4112K P1 student
4. Dy Fritzie Alcover – FIN4112K P2 student

2. Traders Trophy Competition (Singapore edition), 14 October 2011

Congrats to NUS Business School undergraduates Alvin Lim and Erik Santosa who beat students from other local universities to clinch 1st and 2nd prizes respectively at the national finals of the Traders Trophy Competition 2011 that was held at SGX on Friday, 14th October 2011. Erik Santosa is a BBA Honors student from the Applied Portfolio Management class (FIN4112K P2) taught out of the CAMRI Lab.

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