Zheng Weiting

Assistant Professor
Department of Management & Marketing
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

I was a PhD student at NUS Business School between 2002 and 2008. It is true that pursuing a PhD means plenty of solitary time working and struggling in my office or at the kitchen table, but the best resources that NUS offers me are in fact people and an intellectual network. Being a student with the Department of Strategy & Policy, I benefited from interactions with a culturally diverse and academically distinguished set of faculty. Being a student here, I was also fortunate enough to interact with some of the world’s greatest minds from both academic and corporate worlds. This is exactly how I developed my PhD dissertation. The journey has been challenging but it has also been a truly rewarding experience.

Toshimitsu Ueta

Assistant Professor
Department of International Economics and Management
Copenhagen Business School

When I decided to pursue a PhD, I found NUS Business School interesting because of its location and the quality of its research. In addition, NUS has remarkable faculty members studying various business environments including China, India, and Japan. The most important benefit I feel in NUS is that we are at the frontiers of research. The faculty’s extensive networks ensure that we are connected with renowned scholars worldwide. With quality training, mentors and international connections, it is a great place for us to learn and improve ourselves tremendously.

Ang Siah Hwee

The Bank of New Zealand Chair in Business in Asia
School of Marketing & International Business
Victoria University of Wellington

I’m one of the early batch of PhD graduates from NUS Business School. In a PhD programme, what’s important is the research environment, and the academic and support staff involved. In the NUS Business School programme, these boxes are often ticked and well resourced. The research environment is one that encourages high levels of intellectual exchange. Academic staff and other PhD students come from well-known universities and arrive at the same institution to exchange ideas and work collaboratively. You will have no shortage of people providing ideas and feedback. The supervisors are of high quality and supervision standards are good. The great supporting staff are always there to ensure all processes and arrangements are smooth. The PhD programme can be said to be less lonesome than those in many other institutions. I have enjoyed my time here and made many friends in the process. We are still in touch over the last decade or so, despite residing in different continents.