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Understanding the dynamics of productivity and identifying its drivers remain at the forefront of research and policy debate. Increasingly, research on productivity can leverage on more complete granular information complementing progress on theory front. Still, firm-level analysis suffers from two main issues: data availability and cross-country comparability of the results. This is particularly true as far as applied research for Asia-Pacific countries is concerned.

To move forward on data and research work available for the Asia-Pacific region, researchers at the National University of Singapore Business School have created the Productivity Research Network (PRN), in collaboration with the Asian Bureau of Financial and Economic Research (ABFER), the Asian Development Bank Institute (ADBI) and the support of like-minded institutions such as the World Bank, Malaysia; Ministry of industry, Australia; Productivity Commission, New Zealand; University of Tokyo and many more.

About Us


The objective of the Network is to promote empirically based research on productivity drivers for Asia-Pacific countries, by stimulating more complete firm-level information gathering. Given the interests of the researchers involved so far, productivity drivers to be considered will include, but not be limited to, financial intermediation/regulations, labour markets as well as trade and globalisation.

Our People

National University of Singapore
Filippo Di Mauro
Filippo DI MAURO
Visiting Professor
NUS Business School
Cristian Badarinza
Assistant Professor
NUS School of Design and Environment
Ben Charoenwong
Assistant Professor
NUS Business School
Johan Sulaeman
Associate Professor
NUS Business School
Research Team
Fei Jipeng
FEI Jipeng
Research Associate
Hoang Minh Duy
HOANG Minh Duy
Research Associate
Liu Ziwei
LIU Ziwei
Research Associate
Global Team
Country Institutions Representatives
Australia Australian Dept. of Industry and Science Sasan BAKHTIARI
Japan Japan Productivity Center Kazuma EDAMURA
New Zealand New Zealand Productivity Commission Guanyu ZHENG
China Syracuse University Mary E. LOVELY
Hoang PHAM
India Sant’Anna Institute – Pisa, Italy Marco GRAZZI
Nanditha MATTHEW
Malaysia World Bank Norman LOAYZA
LAY Lian Chuah
Vietnam Asian Development Bank Institute (ABDI) – Tokyo Peter MORGAN
Indonesia Central Bank of Indonesia Yoga AFFANDI
Angsoka Yorintha PAUNDRALINGGA