Date and Time :16 May 2019 - 17 March 2019 8:15 am - 9:30 pm

Venue: RD Watt Building, Room 203, The University of Sydney, Science Rd Camperdown NSW 2006, Australia View Map

Organised by: Strategy & Policy



12.00 PM
Registration followed by Buffet Lunch
1.30 PM
Welcome Remarks:
Garry Barrett, University of Sydney, Head of School, School of Economics
Filippo di Mauro, National University of Singapore (NUS), PRN Coordinator
2.00 PM
Keynote Address: Division of Labour and Productivity Advantage of Cities
Lin Tian, INSEAD
2.45 PM

Session 1: Entrepreneurship 1

International entrepreneurship: evidence on Australian born global firms
Angelina Bruno, Abrie Swanepoel (Department of Industry, Innovation and Science)
Presented by: Angelina Bruno

Market Power and Entrepreneurship Decline: the Case for Australia
Sasan Bakhtiari (Department of Industry, Innovation & Science, Australia National University)

Session Chair and discussants: Filippo di Mauro (NUS) and Johan Sulaeman – Skype Call (NUS)

4.00 PM
Coffee Break
4.30 PM

Session 2: Productivity Disaggregation

The dynamics of aggregate productivity growth of Indian Manufacturing: Evidence from plant-level panel dataset
Diti Goswami, Sourabh B Paul (Indian Institute of Technology Delhi)
Presented by: Diti Goswami

Industry & State Level Value Added and Productivity Decompositions
Shipei Zeng (UNSW Sydney), Stephanie Parsons (Reserve Bank of Australia/UNSW Sydney), W. Erwin Diewert (University of British Columbia/UNSW Sydney), Kevin J. Fox (UNSW Sydney)
Presented by: Shipei Zeng and Stephanie Parson

Session Chair and discussants: Sasan Bakhtiari (ADIIS) and Ben Charoenwong (NUS)

5.45 PM
Keynote Address: New South Wales (NSW) Policies for Small Business
Joann Wilkie, New South Wales (NSW) Treasury
Chaired by Abrie Swanepoel (Department of Industry, Innovation and Science)
6.30 PM
7.00 PM
The Grandstand Restaurant & Function Centre
Blackburn Oval (Formally Oval No.1) Blackburn Oval Road in the University of Sydney
8.30 AM
9.00 AM
Keynote Address: Global Implications of Alternative Productivity Growth Scenarios
Warwick McKibbin, Australian National University
9.45 AM

Session 3: Regional Aspects

Regional Economic Outlook: Asia and Pacific Background Paper NO. 3
Productivity Growth in Asia: Boosting Firm Dynamism and Weeding out the Zombies

Katsiaryna Svirydzenka, Manrique Saenz, Ryota Nakatani, Anne Oeking, To-Nhu Dao (IMF)
Presented By: Katsiaryna Svirydzenka – Skype Call

Firm Efficiency in an Institutionally-Diverse World
Jamus Jerome Lim (ESSEC Business School & Center for Analytical Finance),
Akash Issar (University of Georgia), Sanket Mohapatra (IIM Ahmedabad)
Presented By: Jamus Jerome Lim

Session Chair and discussants: Filippo di Mauro (NUS) and Guanyu Zheng (New Zealand Productivity Commission)

11.00 AM
Coffee break
11.30 AM

Session 4: Entrepreneurship 2

Which Firms Get Credit? Evidence from Firm-level Data
Gabriela Araujo, Jonathan Hambur (Reserve Bank of Australia)
Presented by: Gabriela Araujo

Investment behavior of MSMEs under different economic conditions: Empirical evidence from Vietnam
Trinh Q. Long, Peter Morgan (ADBI)
Presented by: Trinh Q. Long

Session Chair and discussants: Cristian Badarinza (NUS) and Ben Charoenwong (NUS)

12.45 PM
Summing up
1.00 PM PM
2.30 PM
Data provider session (by invitation only)
To discuss the next steps and initiate 2nd round of PRN data collection.
Session led by Hoang Minh Duy (NUS) and Guanyu Zheng (New Zealand Productivity Commission)

4.30 PM


Organising Committee

  • Sasan Bakhtiari (Australian Dept. of Industry, Innovation and Science)
  • Gee Hee Hong (IMF)
  • Filippo di Mauro (NUS)
  • John Romalis (University of Sydney)
  • Ben Charoenwong (NUS)
  • Johan Sulaeman (NUS)
  • Cris Badarinza (NUS)


PRN Fourth Workshop

Welcome Remark by Professor Filippo Di Mauro

PRN Fourth Workshop

Presentation by Professor Sasan Bakhtiari

PRN Fourth Workshop

Dinner hosted by the University of Sydney

PRN Fourth Workshop
PRN Fourth Workshop

Collaboration of the University of Sydney and NUS

PRN Fourth Workshop

John Romalis, The University of Sydney and Filippo Di Mauro, National University of Singapore

PRN Fourth Workshop

Beautiful Sydney – Opera House

PRN Fourth Workshop