The diversity dividend: Spotlight on Singapore's boards in 2014

CGIO’s annual Singapore board diversity report highlights the business case for diversity in the boardroom.

Slow progress in Singapore board diversity

CGIO’s study in 2012 of Singapore Exchange-listed companies finds slow progress in raising number of women on corporate boards.

The lost genius of American capitalism:
Luigi Zingales

Professor Luigi Zingales of Chicago Booth School of Business warns that without a rebalancing of the relationship between business and politics, America is in danger of becoming a crony capitalist state.

Corporate governance in a post-crisis world

Experts from around the world attend the 2012 Academic Conference hosted by CGIO examining the interface between governance and institutions in a post-financial crisis world.

Approaches to indexing sustainability

Experts examine how to build a unified approach to sustainability and indexing sustainable performance at a forum jointly hosted by CGIO and the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants in 2013.

Indonesia leads Asia in board diversity

Inaugural CGIO report finds Indonesia leads Asia in terms of boardroom gender diversity, with 11.6 per cent of boardroom seats held by women.

Financial sector lost all sense of reality:
Temasek Holding's S Dhanabalan

Singapore's Temasek Holdings chairman and former politician S Dhanabalan has strong words on runaway executive and board remuneration.

Assessing corporate governance in Asia

GTI 2012 was launched at the annual CPA forum. Standards of governance among Singaporean companies and approaches across Asia were debated.

Singapore boardroom gender diversity ranks low

The first Singapore Board Diversity Report by CGIO surveyed 700 Singapore Exchange-listed firms. It found Singapore ranked bottom among developed economies globally for boardroom gender diversity with 6.9 percent female representation across sectors.

"Urgent need" for post-financial crisis reforms

Colin Mayer, the Peter Moores Professor of Management Studies at the Saïd Business School at the University of Oxford, spoke at the 2011 CGIO Academic Conference on the need for corporate governance reforms post-financial crisis.