June 2017
New Research Directions, Initiatives and Partnerships

CGIO is embarking on an exciting journey as it expands its research to include corporate sustainability, in addition to its corporate governance. This direction is timely as there is growing demands from managers and investors that financial returns are achieved with integrity, on the back of environmental and social inclusiveness.

For this purpose, we have co-founded the Sustainability Consortium of Professionals and Educators (SCOPE) with ASEAN CSR Network (ACN) to galvanise research and practice in corporate sustainability. CGIO has also produced 4 research reports on the state of sustainability reporting and business integrity in ASEAN and Singapore together with ACN. More projects are in the pipeline.

The corporate sustainability research cluster is further enriched with a new partnership with WWF. Together with WWF, CGIO is conducting a research project to examine the environmental, social and governance performances of banks in ASEAN.

With the increased focus on corporate sustainability, there is growing awareness and recognition that supply chain sustainability makes up a critical component of businesses. As such, we have created a new Value Chain Sustainability research cluster helmed by Visiting Senior Fellow Alex Capri of Analytics and Operations department, NUS Business School. Alex is also Senior Research Fellow with CGIO.

The enhanced research initiatives add to the strong partnerships that CGIO already enjoys with organisations such as ACN, CPA Australia, Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, Copenhagen Business School, Monetary Authority of Singapore, Securities Investors Association (Singapore), Singapore Exchange, Singapore Institute of Directors (SID), and The Business Times.

Ongoing Research Projects

2017 is a busy year with many research projects in the Corporate Governance and Corporate Sustainability  research pillars:

  • Singapore Governance and Transparency Index (SGTI)
  • ASEAN Corporate Governance Scorecard (ACGS)
  • SIAS Investors’ Choice Awards
  • Sustainability Reporting
  • Business Integrity
  • ESG (Economic, Social and Governance) Performances of Banks in ASEAN

Media Coverage

In terms of impact, the partnership with CPA Australia and SID on our flagship SGTI project generated much media coverage locally and regionally. CGIO’s expertise on corporate governance and sustainability has been sought and its views on a spectrum of current issues such as activist investors and national budget debate are covered on BBC World Service, Bloomberg and The Washington Post. More details about our news can be accessed at http://bschool.nus.edu/cgio/in-the-news

Events, Seminars and Conferences

The calendar for events concluded or expected in 2017 include:

[img]   [img]

Regional Business Integrity Conference
Academic Seminar on the Future of Governance in South Korea
6-7 Mar 2017   23 May 2017

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