Asia Flings Open Doors to Foreign Cash. But There's a Catch

10 May 2018 | Bloomberg

Instead of opening up stock markets for foreign capital flow, Assoc Prof Johan Sulaeman says countries compromise by setting up trading links as they allow for offshore independence while maintaining capital controls.

Malaysia election: Mahathir sworn in as Prime Minister

10 May 2018 | South China Morning Post

Assoc Prof Lawrence Loh says Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad’s immediate priority is to restore public confidence in national governance.

Will Cambridge Analytica scandal hurt outlook for digital advertising industry?

07 May 2018 | The Edge

Senior Visiting Fellow Alex Capri says the revenue model of social media platforms may evolve from advertising to paid subscription — prompting advertisers to explore other communication channels.

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13 November 2017

Kiasu 2.0, or how to learn to failure

The Straits Times

In a commentary, Provost’s Chair Prof Michael Frese (Head, Dept of Management & Organisation) says it is time for a new kind of kiasu mentality to emerge where a culture of being welcoming and open to mistakes is compatible with one that values stability and control.

13 November 2017

New Pacific trade deal could leave U.S. playing catchup

CNN Money

Visiting Senior Fellow Alex Capri (Dept of Analytics & Operations) says US President Donald Trump could face pressure at home if US companies start losing business in Trans-Pacific Partnership countries to competitors from places like Canada and Australia.

12 November 2017

How many Singapore MRT bosses does it take to fix a broken culture?


Assoc Prof Lawrence Loh (Director, CGIO) says it would be wise to retain SMRT CEO Desmond Kuek for the short term because of the state of flux the MRT network is under.

11 November 2017

Deprivations spell trouble for firms


In a commentary, Asst Prof Sam Yam (Dept of Management & Organisation) says model employees must be well-rested, their basic body needs well taken care of, so they can concentrate fully on the actions that really matter.