The recipe of success for no-frills dining

5 September 2017 - The Business Times

From a single eatery with 9 workers, Dian Xiao Er overcomes challenges to expand into a chain of 12 Chinese restaurants with 400 staff

What is fintech?

3 September 2017 - The Straits Times

Financial technology or "fintech" describes financial services using innovative technology.

Use diplomacy to solve North Korea crisis

29 August 2017 - The New Paper

The ramping up of tensions on the Korean Peninsula and talk of unleashing "fire and fury" has made for unsettling headlines.

Stay nimble, stay relevant and make the most of every situation

29 August 2017 - The Business Times

IN THE face of sluggish economic growth coupled with the cyclical and volatile nature of the shipping industry, BLPL represents one of the few firms that stay atop the waves of change.

Five secret boosts a growing gig economy offers Singapore

28 August 2017 - Channel NewsAsia

The gig economy can offer a bout of fresh air, given the opportunities it affords to companies, workers and the Singapore economy, argues NUS Business School’s Wu Pei Chuan.