Bladeless-fan maker Dyson to make electric cars in Singapore

24 October 2018 | The Straits Times

Prof Andrew Delios says Dyson chose Singapore because of access to skilled labour and a steady business environment, while Assoc Prof Nitin Pangarkar says Dyson could find it a challenge to build cars as the firm lacks the brand reputation and technological expertise.

Online food delivery and grocery goes physical: is it worth it?

18 October 2018 | Singapore Business Review

Assoc Prof Chu Junhong says online grocer honestbee could face challenges with its new physical space, including high set-up costs

Semiconductors -- Beijing versus the West

12 October 2018 | Nikkei Asian Review

In a commentary, Visiting Senior Fellow Alex Capri says Western semiconductor firms, fearful of technology theft, could disregard China’s huge market and join President Donald Trump’s protectionist measures.

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11 October 2018

SMRT’s discount helped increase passenger volume by 12 percent during the early morning period

Lianhe Zaobao

In this front-page article covering his research on public transport operators’ rebate incentives for pre-peak travel, Asst Prof Yang Nan says it would be more cost-effective for SMRT to reward passengers who change their travel habits, instead of giving broad discounts for those who travel at specific times.

10 October 2018

Real outcomes in Singapore suggests inequality index is flawed: MSF

The New Paper

Prof Sumit Agarwal says the Commitment to Reducing Inequality Index did not take into account policies such as Silver Support Scheme that redistribute wealth.

02 October 2018

Schools of enterprise: How management consulting firms produce CEOs and entrepreneurs

The Edge

Prof Tsieh Tsun-yan, who worked at consulting firm McKinsey for three decades, says associates’ access to high-level consulting projects give them the confidence to eventually lead the companies they consulted for.

30 September 2018

Finding the right hook: Meet Lerine Yeo, the ‘S hook sales lady’ whose live sales video has gone viral

The Straits Times

Asst Prof Daniel He says Ms Yeo is popular because she can relate to her target audience – Singaporeans.

27 September 2018

Singapore keeps status as leader in Asian business education

Financial Times

Prof Jochen Wirtz says Singapore’s business environment makes it attractive to overseas business schools to set up here. In a video, Assoc Prof Prem Shamdasani says global firms choose Singapore as an innovation testbed, while MBA students Tess Wartanian and John Eakins say they see the city-state as a business hub for the region.

17 September 2018

Views from the top: Double-edge tool

The Business Times

Commenting on the pros and cons of the introduction of dual-class shares in Singapore, Assoc Prof Lawrence Loh says that even with the requisite safeguards, it is vital that proper disclosures are made transparently to stakeholders such as investors. The investors can then properly weigh the risks and returns when making their investments.

16 September 2018

Buying opportunity in Asian markets for contrarians, says NUS professor

The Star

Prof Joseph Cherian says the current gross overvaluation of US markets and the corresponding dumping of Asian stocks provides a buying opportunity in this region. The article also mentions the upcoming launch of NUS Business School’s Executive Master of Science in Investments and Portfolio Risk Management (EMIR) graduate programme in April 2019.

14 September 2018

Xiaomi chief executive Lei Jun restructures company to ensure sustainability and develop younger talent


Assoc Prof Lawrence Loh says the leadership restructuring in Xiaomi and Alibaba could lead to more Chinese companies doing the same as they seek to address corporate governance risks.

14 September 2018

Your colleagues don’t need your passive-aggressive behaviour

Channel NewsAsia

In a commentary, Assoc Prof Sandy Lim says workplace mistreatment can take less overt forms than bullying or physical abuse which can also be highly damaging. These acts of incivility, she says, include rudeness and disregard for others.

13 September 2018

Operating pressures strain SIA-pilots relations

The Straits Times

Commenting on deadlock between Singapore Airlines and its pilots’ union over pay and working conditions, Assoc Prof Nitin Pangarkar says overall staff morale could be affected if both parties do not resolve their differences. He adds that Singapore Airlines management should try its utmost to keep morale high, especially in a competitive and service business.

07 September 2018

A governance code for the future economy

The Business Times

In a commentary, Assoc Prof Lawrence Loh says the revised Code of Corporate Governance is to ensure companies do not lose sight of fundamental principles that relate to their sustained, long-term wellbeing.

01 September 2018

Subscribing to a fuss-free lifestyle

The Straits Times

Assoc Prof Leonard Lee says subscription services are particularly appealing to the younger working crowd because they simplify the decision-making process.

31 August 2018

Mixed reactions to DBS' handling of 'ripped Singapore flag' incident

The Straits Times

Professor Vivien Lim says human resource departments need to educate employees about their actions online as there could be implications for their organisations’ identity.

29 August 2018

7 key challenges for the future of ASEAN - and how to solve them

World Economic Forum

In a commentary, Prof Pasha Mahmood says there are several challenges the ASEAN region faces in promoting sustainable economic growth. Having closer coordination and common goals among ASEAN nations, he says, helps promote stability and lessen the possibility of conflicts.

23 August 2018

Most people prefer money as a gift over thoughtful gestures, which well-wishers prefer because they like to see the recipient's reaction


Article reports on Asst Prof Adelle Yang’s research on gift-giving, which says gift-givers give unsatisfactory elaborate gifts because they are keen to elicit bright smiles or squeals of delight, whereas recipients derive greater value from simpler gifts.

21 August 2018

Suspected China cyberhack on Singapore is a wake-up call for Asia

Nikkei Asian Review

Visiting Senior Fellow Alex Capri says the region faces the challenge of dealing with increased vulnerability due to the spread of the Internet of Things where many devices are connected.

16 August 2018

New RydeSend service may not take off

The Straits Times

Commenting on RydeSend where users can send items via Ryde's pool of drivers for delivery to recipients, Assoc Prof Lawrence Loh says the service is part of a trend where ride-hailing providers are encroaching on related business areas like courier services.

11 August 2018

Sales at department stores slump in June despite GSS; Car sales spike


Assoc Prof Thompson Teo says GSS (Great Singapore Sale) has lost its novelty and there has been no significant change to the sales campaign for years.

09 August 2018

Malaysia is expected to reverse FDI fall in 2019 — ADB

The Edge Markets

Visiting Professor Filippo Di Mauro says that when attracting foreign direct investments, countries should not focus on specific sectors to grow, but create conditions where firms can be more productive.

08 August 2018

Focus on right measures of income inequality

The Straits Times

In a commentary, Assoc Prof Nitin Pangarkar says zeroing in on the income of the top 10 per cent will yield suggestions of Robin Hood taxes on the rich. However, he says, Singapore should keep to its present approach to income redistribution as inequality has remained stable and the poor are making progress.

31 July 2018

Name-and-Shame Approach Puts More Women on Singapore Boards


Assoc Prof Marleen Dieleman says there is still a tendency to source new board members from personal and family networks, and to look for people with similar backgrounds, thereby overlooking qualified others, including women.

31 July 2018

Non-executive directors ought to exercise discretion

The Business Times

In a commentary, Senior Lecturer Julie Huan says it is incumbent on non-executive directors (NEDs) to carefully review the specific role that he/she has agreed to undertake with respect to business decision-making.

25 July 2018

The world's major emerging economies could end up benefiting from global trade tensions


Visiting Senior Fellow Alex Capri says China might turn to Brazil, India and Russia to source products it originally bought from the US, such as soybeans, wheat, and meat.

24 July 2018

Changes to Grab's points system and membership policy upset users

The New Paper

Asst Prof Yang Nan says the Competition and Consumer Commission of Singapore’s upcoming verdict on the Grab-Uber merger could have influenced Grab’s decision to introduce an adjustment period in its rewards programme. He says it might be a sensitive period for Grab to change its prices.

19 July 2018

Malaysia must make clear its plan for KL-S’pore high-speed rail, further delay could hurt both sides: Analysts


Assoc Prof Lawrence Loh says the postponement of the rail project would mean that benefit streams will be delayed while outlays will continue to set in. The overall risk factor will be greater, he says, as political climates can change.

11 July 2018

We may be in the early stages of a new Cold War

Channel NewsAsia

In a commentary, Visiting Senior Fellow Alex Capri says the US-China trade war is only a small component of the intensifying geopolitical rivalry between Washington and Beijing.

07 July 2018

No more errantly parked bikes? New regime promising, but requires some pain


Assoc Prof Lawrence Loh says the bike-sharing operators are in a Catch-22 where they could lose customers if they impose deposits, or have to deal with errant customers if they do not implement deposits.

06 July 2018

How to get ahead in your job when you don't know anyone

The Business Times

In a commentary on his study of new employees building networks in their companies, Assoc Prof Daniel McAllister says recruits with limited or no managerial connections, but who have strong ties with their co-workers and favourable self-evaluations, are just as successful in adjusting to their new roles as those with connections.

03 July 2018

How mortgages have a critical impact on presidential elections

The Washington Post

The article features a study by Asst Prof Adonis Antoniades that found voters in the US do not always reward politicians for a boom in local credit supply but are quick to punish them when credit is less available.

28 June 2018

A paradox at the heart of gift-giving

The Economist

The article features Asst Prof Adelle Yang’s study on gift-giving, where the recipients tend to react more positively to things of less long-term satisfaction.