Asia Flings Open Doors to Foreign Cash. But There's a Catch

10 May 2018 | Bloomberg

Instead of opening up stock markets for foreign capital flow, Assoc Prof Johan Sulaeman says countries compromise by setting up trading links as they allow for offshore independence while maintaining capital controls.

Malaysia election: Mahathir sworn in as Prime Minister

10 May 2018 | South China Morning Post

Assoc Prof Lawrence Loh says Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad’s immediate priority is to restore public confidence in national governance.

Will Cambridge Analytica scandal hurt outlook for digital advertising industry?

07 May 2018 | The Edge

Senior Visiting Fellow Alex Capri says the revenue model of social media platforms may evolve from advertising to paid subscription — prompting advertisers to explore other communication channels.

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30 April 2018

A leading chipmaker's expansion here and what it means for Singapore

Channel NewsAsia

In a commentary on Micron Technology’s expansion plans, Assoc Prof Nitin Pangarkar says the company’s investment could have a multiplier effect on Singapore’s economy and attract future investments in semiconductor manufacturing.

25 April 2018

Noble Group lays out options as shareholder fight escalates

Nikkei Asian Review

Coverage of the spat between Noble Group and investor Goldilocks Investment Company. Assoc Prof Lawrence Loh says the case exposed a dilemma for regulator Singapore Exchange – at what point to step in, especially as it is not clear whether Noble has violated any rules.

23 April 2018

Cinemas see 7 percent dip in attendance last year

The Straits Times

To combat falling attendance, Assoc Prof Leonard Lee says cinema operators could introduce more attractive loyalty schemes for customers.

19 April 2018

Prolonged agony? Uber drivers, riders suffer as app limps on


Instead of ordering Uber to continue running, Assoc Prof Lawrence Loh (Director, CGIO) says regulators should focus on setting the conditions for new ride-hailing competitors to enter Singapore.

20 April 2018

When construction noise impacts electricity consumption

The Business Times

In a commentary featuring his research on some 5000 HDB households over a three-year period, Visiting Prof Sumit Agarwal (Dept of Finance) found that families, who shut their windows and turn on air conditioners in response to noise from nearby construction work, tend to keep the machines running even when construction has ended.

18 April 2018

Neo Kian Hong the man for the top job, as he met ‘all the criteria’ sought by SMRT board


Assoc Prof Lawrence Loh (Director, CGIO) says leadership credentials and experience are key for the SMRT post, and Mr Neo has a strong record from his time in the military and public service.

13 April 2018

Ride-hailing services: Promote competition or discourage usage?

The Straits Times

In a commentary, Assoc Prof Nitin Pangarkar (Dept of Strategy & Policy) says ride-hailing might be a cheap and popular transport option, but the high usage of private transport in a land-constrained Singapore might not be an appropriate long-term strategy.

10 April 2018

Sustainability reporting: listed firms report mixed experiences

The Business Times

Commenting on how companies should comply to Singapore Exchange’s new sustainability reporting guidelines, Assoc Prof Lawrence Loh (Director, CGIO) says firms should assess which ESG (environmental, social and governance) aspects are material to how they run their organisations. For instance, a healthcare business might look to the governance and social arenas, such as ethical practices and employee safety.

04 April 2018

Corporate governance progress flatlines for Singapore companies

The Business Times

Coverage of the 2018 ASEAN Corporate Governance Scorecard Singapore rankings. Assoc Prof Lawrence Loh (Director, CGIO) says there is a widening gap between large-cap companies and the rest in areas such as disclosure and transparency, as well as treatment and roles of stakeholders.

03 April 2018

How to level playing field for potential rivals to Grab

The Straits Times

In a commentary on Uber’s proposed sale to Grab, Asst Prof Yang Nan (Dept of Strategy & Policy) says the Competition Commission of Singapore should require Uber to divest some of its assets to another firm than Grab to maintain a significant competitive pressure on Grab in the ride-hailing market.

29 March 2018

Commentary: Grab-Uber merger will lead to monopolistic prices? Flawed thinking

Channel NewsAsia

In a commentary, Assoc Prof Nitin Pangarkar (Dept of Strategy & Policy) says consumers should not be alarmed as there is a cap to how the “new Grab” can raise prices, especially in a small country like Singapore. He says that even if there are monopolistic prices, consumers will respond by switching to public transport and taxis.

26 March 2018

New regulation drives bike-sharing operators forward, not burden them


In a commentary, Asst Prof He Long (Dept of Analytics & Operations) and Asst Prof Yang Nan (Dept of Strategy & Policy) say LTA’s new licensing regime could move operators away from the mind-set of always looking to adding bicycles and to focus more on managing their fleets efficiently. This could even be the key to a sustainable success for the operators.

23 March 2018

Looking at workplace aggression through a new lens

The Business Times

In a commentary, Prof Vivien Lim says workplace aggression can cost employees their mental health and even their livelihoods. It can also lead to low morale, frequent absenteeism and high turnover of staff.

16 March 2018

Shop and play in the CBD all day every day

The Straits Times

Commenting on the challenges central business district malls face in drawing shoppers, Adjunct Senior Lecturer Regina Yeo says shoppers may not want to travel all the way there if what they want can be found at suburban malls.

13 March 2018

Behind the cryptocurrency mania, the secret sauce is Bitcoin’s blockchain technology

Channel NewsAsia

In a commentary, Visiting Senior Fellow Emir Hrnjic says blockchain technology has revolutionary potential, as it enables the transfer of value from one user to another without the need for an intermediary like a bank.

11 March 2018

Is a minimalist home the route to personal success?

Channel NewsAsia

In a commentary, Assoc Prof Leonard Lee asks if minimalism is about how we want to live or how we want to be seen.

09 March 2018

11 countries, including S’pore, sign landmark Asia Pacific trade pact


Commenting on the signing of the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership, Assoc Prof Lawrence Loh says the trade pact comes at a crucial time especially when the US is going against the grain of free trade with its tariffs on steel and aluminium. Visiting Senior Fellow Alex Capri says the agreement is a repudiation of China’s regional ambitions and a validation of the need for a rules-based trading system.

08 March 2018

Golf buddies and board diversity

The Straits Times

In a commentary, Visiting Prof Sumit Agarwal and Assoc Prof Qian Wenlan discuss research findings that women are more likely to serve on the board of directors in low-female-representation industries if they play golf.

07 March 2018

Singapore and Malaysia stock trading link - Implications and challenges


In a commentary on the upcoming Singapore and Malaysia stock market trading link, Associate Professor Yeo Wee Yong, Assistant Professor Zsuzsa Huszar and Dr Emir Hrnjic say the regulators of both countries need to need to work out issues such as settlement and custodian services for the link to be successful.

02 March 2018

Borrowing plan for infrastructure projects expands Govt’s fiscal envelop

Channel NewsAsia

In a commentary, Provost’s Chair and Prof Allaudeen Hameed, Cycle & Carriage Professor of Finance Duan Jin-Chuan and Senior Lecturer Zhang Weina (all Dept of Finance) say the Singapore government's plan to provide guarantees on long-term borrowings for infrastructure projects will lower the cost of borrowing and infuse projects with private sector due diligence.

26 February 2018

What does Singapore have to hear from escalating protectionism in the US?

The Edge

Commenting on the escalating tensions between China and the US, Visiting Senior Fellow Alex Capri (Dept of Analytics & Operations) says the US government will be looking to impose tariffs and sanctions to counter China’s economic might.

25 February 2018

SG Bonus a boost for economy

The Straits Times

In a commentary, Visiting Prof Sumit Agarwal and Assoc Prof Qian Wenlan (both Dept of Finance) say SG Bonus could help spur spending, stimulating economic growth, creating an impact similar to 2011's Growth Dividend programme.

23 February 2018

Why US sanctions are so lethal

The Diplomat

In a commentary, Visiting Senior Fellow Alex Capri (Dept of Analytics & Operations) says the US government’s sanctions and export controls have far-reaching jurisdiction and can disrupt global value chains, inflicting collateral damage on parties including suppliers, logistics firms, consumers and shareholders.

23 February 2018

S$5 per tonne tax rate ‘fair amount’ to pay for greenhouse gas emissions: Masagos


Commenting on the new carbon tax announced during Budget 2018, Assoc Prof Toh Mun Heng (Dept of Strategy & Policy) says the publicly available data on the businesses emitting greenhouse gas has to be balanced between allowing them to remain competitive, and to be accountable to the public.

22 February 2018

Singapore Budget 2018: An economist's viewpoint on the Budget

The Business Times

In a commentary, Visiting Prof Sumit Agarwal (Dept of Finance) says the government has prepared a balanced budget where the surplus bonus helps boost consumption, infrastructure spending will attract new private investments, and the housing stamp duty tax hike corrects price growth in high-end housing.

14 February 2018

To cope with black swan events-hang in there

China Daily

In a commentary, Assoc Prof and Dean’s Chair Charles Shi (Dept of Accounting) says that the event of a market decline, overconfident investors tend to sell their holdings in hope of buying the shares back at a lower price.

23 January 2018

Introduction of dual-class shares by Singapore Exchange raises concerns

Channel News Asia

Assoc Prof Mak Yuen Teen (Dept of Accounting) says the move might not be enough to attract high-profile international firms as issues such as lack of investor confidence and low valuations remain unaddressed.

22 January 2018

Why financial markets like Trump

TODAY Online

In a commentary, Assoc Prof Nitin Pangarkar (Dept of Strategy & Policy) says organisations view President Trump as being more supportive compared to Mr Obama who had implemented many policies that were seen as hostile to business.

21 January 2018

Can influencers create the right Budget buzz?

Straits Times

Commenting on the Ministry of Finance’s initiative to engage social media influencers to raise awareness on the Budget process, Assoc Prof Ang Swee Hoon (Dept of Marketing) says it would be more appropriate to have a personality who has a business background or has discussed similar issues for the message to be seen as genuine.

05 January 2018

Keppel scandal holds lessons for Singapore Inc

The Business Times

Assoc Prof Mak Yuen Teen (Dept of Accounting) says Singapore companies have to be prepared to walk away from paying bribes, or risk damaging their reputation.