Name-and-Shame Approach Puts More Women on Singapore Boards

31 July 2018 | Bloomberg

Assoc Prof Marleen Dieleman says there is still a tendency to source new board members from personal and family networks, and to look for people with similar backgrounds, thereby overlooking qualified others, including women.

Non-executive directors ought to exercise discretion

31 July 2018 | The Business Times

In a commentary, Senior Lecturer Julie Huan says it is incumbent on non-executive directors (NEDs) to carefully review the specific role that he/she has agreed to undertake with respect to business decision-making.

The world's major emerging economies could end up benefiting from global trade tensions

25 July 2018 | CNBC

Visiting Senior Fellow Alex Capri says China might turn to Brazil, India and Russia to source products it originally bought from the US, such as soybeans, wheat, and meat.

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24 July 2018

Changes to Grab's points system and membership policy upset users

The New Paper

Asst Prof Yang Nan says the Competition and Consumer Commission of Singapore’s upcoming verdict on the Grab-Uber merger could have influenced Grab’s decision to introduce an adjustment period in its rewards programme. He says it might be a sensitive period for Grab to change its prices.

19 July 2018

Malaysia must make clear its plan for KL-S’pore high-speed rail, further delay could hurt both sides: Analysts


Assoc Prof Lawrence Loh says the postponement of the rail project would mean that benefit streams will be delayed while outlays will continue to set in. The overall risk factor will be greater, he says, as political climates can change.

11 July 2018

We may be in the early stages of a new Cold War

Channel NewsAsia

In a commentary, Visiting Senior Fellow Alex Capri says the US-China trade war is only a small component of the intensifying geopolitical rivalry between Washington and Beijing.

07 July 2018

No more errantly parked bikes? New regime promising, but requires some pain


Assoc Prof Lawrence Loh says the bike-sharing operators are in a Catch-22 where they could lose customers if they impose deposits, or have to deal with errant customers if they do not implement deposits.

06 July 2018

How to get ahead in your job when you don't know anyone

The Business Times

In a commentary on his study of new employees building networks in their companies, Assoc Prof Daniel McAllister says recruits with limited or no managerial connections, but who have strong ties with their co-workers and favourable self-evaluations, are just as successful in adjusting to their new roles as those with connections.

03 July 2018

How mortgages have a critical impact on presidential elections

The Washington Post

The article features a study by Asst Prof Adonis Antoniades that found voters in the US do not always reward politicians for a boom in local credit supply but are quick to punish them when credit is less available.

28 June 2018

A paradox at the heart of gift-giving

The Economist

The article features Asst Prof Adelle Yang’s study on gift-giving, where the recipients tend to react more positively to things of less long-term satisfaction.

26 June 2018

The not-so-Great Singapore Sale — after 25 years, once-premier shopping event is now left in the dust

Channel NewsAsia

Assoc Prof Prem Shamdasani says the Great Singapore Sale organisers should integrate the offline and online shopping experience to offer greater convenience, value, variety and services to shoppers. This, he says, would attract more millennial and international shoppers and help drive shopper traffic to the stores and malls, which can further differentiate themselves by organising thematic promotional events.

21 June 2018

Hyflux founder-CEO Olivia Lum to attend townhall meetings with shareholders next month

Channel NewsAsia

Assoc Prof Lawrence Loh says investors attending the meetings should focus on asking Hyflux’s plans to resolve its debt situation.

19 June 2018

How to get more women on Asia’s boards? Go beyond number counting


In a commentary, Assoc Prof Lawrence Loh says that findings from the Singapore report of the ASEAN Corporate Governance Scorecard indicate that the number of female independent directors increases when the average tenure of independent directors goes down. He adds that boards with longer tenure tend to be those composed of “old-boy networks”, which lead to a strong male presence.

14 June 2018

Grab to get $1.34b from lead investor Toyota

The New Paper

Assoc Prof Lawrence Loh says Toyota’s investment in Grab is a collaboration where both parties get to enhance their business interests, with the Japanese giant venturing to new areas and the latter gaining capital.

14 June 2018

Commentary: Why humble narcissists make the most effective leaders

Channel NewsAsia

In a commentary, Asst Prof Amy Ou says humble narcissists have high opinions of themselves and enjoy the limelight, but they also know their weaknesses and appreciate the capabilities of other people. These leaders, she says, win more supporters, make wiser decisions and deliver sustainable performance for a collective good.

07 June 2018

Commentary: When Go-Jek enters Singapore, what consumers, drivers and delivery services can expect

Channel NewsAsia

In a commentary, Assoc Prof Nitin Pangarkar says it is most likely Go-Jek will avoid clashing head on with Grab in price wars and even partner local firms to provide on-demand services such as housekeeping and fixing, to compete effectively in Singapore.

07 June 2018

South Koreans in Singapore want Trump-Kim summit success, end to Korean War

Channel NewsAsia

Prof Sumit Agarwal says he expects a joint declaration of an end to the Korean War, but cautions that eliminating nuclear weapons from the peninsula and unification are far-fetched dreams at this point.

31 May 2018

Singaporeans less satisfied with quality of life and democratic rights: survey

Yahoo News Singapore

Coverage of the Happiness, Wellbeing and Society – What matters for Singaporeans book launch. Co-authors Assoc Prof Tan Soo Jiuan and Assoc Prof Tambyah Siok Kuan examine how happiness and wellbeing have evolved over the past 20 years in Singapore. Assoc Prof Tan says Singaporeans are increasingly upset about the affordability of cars and properties.

29 May 2018

Another price war seen in ride-hailing market

The Business Times

Asst Prof Yang Nan says Grab would most likely find itself caught up in another price war with Go-Jek’s impending entry, even if it had wanted to focus on innovation.

25 May 2018

What ails Singapore Airlines?

The Business Times

In a commentary, Assoc Prof Nitin Pangarkar says Singapore Airlines need to continuously reinvent itself by adding new competencies, in order to maintain its differentiation against rivals.

23 May 2018

Hard truths, tough choices ahead after Malaysia’s scrapping of the GST

Channel NewsAsia

In a commentary, Assoc Prof Simon Poh says the scrapping of Malaysia’s Goods and Services tax might lead to growth in the long term but it cannot escape a widening fiscal deficit in the short term, which has knock-on effects for Malaysia’s competitiveness.

16 May 2018

On track towards the next crypto regulatory frontier

The Business Times

In a commentary, Visiting Senior Research Fellow Emir Hrnjic says that for regulations to be effective, regulators will need to coordinate their efforts globally as crypto businesses tend to relocate to countries where the rules are more relaxed.

15 May 2018

How sworn enemies toppled Najib but now pose a new risk to Malaysia


Assoc Prof Lawrence Loh says Malaysia's political field needs to be careful in sustaining the harmony given the strong personalities and differing ideologies of Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad and Anwar Ibrahim.

10 May 2018

Asia Flings Open Doors to Foreign Cash. But There's a Catch


Instead of opening up stock markets for foreign capital flow, Assoc Prof Johan Sulaeman says countries compromise by setting up trading links as they allow for offshore independence while maintaining capital controls.

10 May 2018

Malaysia election: Mahathir sworn in as Prime Minister

South China Morning Post

Assoc Prof Lawrence Loh says Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad’s immediate priority is to restore public confidence in national governance.

07 May 2018

Will Cambridge Analytica scandal hurt outlook for digital advertising industry?

The Edge

Senior Visiting Fellow Alex Capri says the revenue model of social media platforms may evolve from advertising to paid subscription — prompting advertisers to explore other communication channels.

30 April 2018

A leading chipmaker's expansion here and what it means for Singapore

Channel NewsAsia

In a commentary on Micron Technology’s expansion plans, Assoc Prof Nitin Pangarkar says the company’s investment could have a multiplier effect on Singapore’s economy and attract future investments in semiconductor manufacturing.

25 April 2018

Noble Group lays out options as shareholder fight escalates

Nikkei Asian Review

Coverage of the spat between Noble Group and investor Goldilocks Investment Company. Assoc Prof Lawrence Loh says the case exposed a dilemma for regulator Singapore Exchange – at what point to step in, especially as it is not clear whether Noble has violated any rules.

23 April 2018

Cinemas see 7 percent dip in attendance last year

The Straits Times

To combat falling attendance, Assoc Prof Leonard Lee says cinema operators could introduce more attractive loyalty schemes for customers.

19 April 2018

Prolonged agony? Uber drivers, riders suffer as app limps on


Instead of ordering Uber to continue running, Assoc Prof Lawrence Loh (Director, CGIO) says regulators should focus on setting the conditions for new ride-hailing competitors to enter Singapore.

20 April 2018

When construction noise impacts electricity consumption

The Business Times

In a commentary featuring his research on some 5000 HDB households over a three-year period, Visiting Prof Sumit Agarwal (Dept of Finance) found that families, who shut their windows and turn on air conditioners in response to noise from nearby construction work, tend to keep the machines running even when construction has ended.

18 April 2018

Neo Kian Hong the man for the top job, as he met ‘all the criteria’ sought by SMRT board


Assoc Prof Lawrence Loh (Director, CGIO) says leadership credentials and experience are key for the SMRT post, and Mr Neo has a strong record from his time in the military and public service.

13 April 2018

Ride-hailing services: Promote competition or discourage usage?

The Straits Times

In a commentary, Assoc Prof Nitin Pangarkar (Dept of Strategy & Policy) says ride-hailing might be a cheap and popular transport option, but the high usage of private transport in a land-constrained Singapore might not be an appropriate long-term strategy.