Ms Chen Chunhua (Member)
Adjunct Professor, Department of Management & Organisation, NUS Business School and Co-chairman & CEO, New Hope Liuhe Co. Ltd.

Ms Chen Chunhua is Co-Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of New Hope Liuhe Co. Ltd. She is also a non-executive Director at SPT Energy Group Inc. and at Vtron Technologies Ltd. She is also a member of Guangzhou Municipal Public Advisory Committee.

From 2003 to 2004, she was the president of Shandong Liuhe Company Limited.  She served as an Independent Director of China Merchants Fund Management Co., Ltd., Shunde Rural Commercial Bank and Midea Group Weiling Holding Limited.

Ms Chen is a Professor and Doctoral Tutor in the School of Business Administration at South China University of Technology. She was previously Executive Dean in the School of Economics and Commerce at South China University of Technology. Ms Chen was a Visiting Professor for the Asia-Pacific EMBA Programme at National University of Singapore. Her research specialty was enterprise management, particularly enterprise organisation and operational management.

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