Wei Jie

UniSIM College
SIM University

I fostered an interest in academic research and teaching while pursuing my MBA, so a PhD was a natural next step for me. I think the NUS PhD programme provides an ideal platform for those who have a true passion for cutting-edge business research. Known for its research excellence, I have access to insights and advice from top-tier scholars all over the world. Being located in Singapore, a strategic business hub of Asia, NUS offers students an opportunity to get a real taste of how businesses operate in a fast-growing multicultural environment.

Jiang Zhiying

Assistant Professor
Department of Business and Economics
Erasmus School of Economics
Erasmus University Rotterdam

The PhD programme in NUS Business School is an enriching and fulfilling journey. Nourished by world-class scholars, my intellectual curiosity is safeguarded with rigour and profundity. The stimulating and collegial research environment with my excellent fellow students keeps me well motivated all time. The solid academic training enables me to embark upon my academic career with confidence.