Name Recognition & Awards
David De Cremer Recipient of a Visiting Fellowship at the Hoover Institution (a public policy think tank and research institution), Stanford University
Name Recognition & Awards
Mew Leng Chee Lim Kim San Volunteer Long Service Award
Michael FRESE Responsible Research in Management Inaugural IACMR President Award
Michael FRESE IAAP Distinguished Scientific Contributions Award
Name Recognition & Awards
Sooyeol Kim Tim Judge Fellowship, LER, UIUC
Name Recognition & Awards
Michael FRESE Hogan Award for Personality and Performance
Michael FRESE Emerald Africa Academy of Management Trailblazer Award
Name Recognition & Awards
Michael FRESE Greif Award
Michael FRESE Best Researcher Award
Michael FRESE Distinguished Scientific Contribution Award
Michael FRESE Best Reviewer Award
Sandy LIM Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS) Seed Grant
Lai Yin Sarah CHEAH Best Research Presentationon Policy Analytics
Sooyeol Kim Outstanding Practical Implications for Management Award in the OB Division, Academy of Management
David De Cremer Most cited The Leadership Quarterly Articles since 2015
David De Cremer Recipient of the 2015 mid-career award by the British Psychology Society (BPS) for my significant contributions to the field of social psychology.