Michael FRESE 2018 IAAP Distinguished Scientific Contributions Award
Jack SIM Commonwealth Points of Light award
Vivien LIM International Association of Scholarly Publishers, Editors & Reviewers (IASPER) Citation Award for research impact
Michael FRESE Responsible Research in Management 2017 Inaugural IACMR Presidential Award
Sarah CHEAH Outstanding Paper Award for her paper on “Discovering technological commercialisation opportunities through networks” by 2016 World Conference on Innovation, Engineering and Technology in Sapporo, Japan, 24-26 June 2016.
Michael FRESE Distinguished Career Contributions Award by the Leipzig Congress of the German Psychological Society at the 50th anniversary celebrations of the German Psychological Society on September 18 to 22, 2016 in Leipzig, Germany

Dedication to Entrepreneurship Award, the Academy of Management’s highest award in the Entrepreneurship Division. The Award recognises a small number of individuals and organisations who have made extraordinary, long-term contributions that advance the mission and interests of the Division. The Award was handed out during the Academy of Management’s Annual Meeting from August 4 to 8 in 2016, Atlanta, US.
Sandy LIM Best Paper Award (Organisational Behaviour) and Most Inspirational Paper Award for “Maybe Baby” in Everyday Employment: Incivility at the Intersection of Gender and Parenthood at the European Academy of Management Annual Conference in Paris, France, June, 2016;
Amy Y. OU Leadership and Government Stream (Best Paper) Award by Australian & New Zealand Academy of Management 2016 Conference at Brisbane, Australia, 6-9 December, 2016
Michael FRESE Hogan Award for best paper in the area of personality and work in 2015 with a former PhD student Dr. Li, WenDong Li, W.-D., Fay, D., FRESE, M., Harms, P. D., & Gao, X. Y. (2014). The paper is titled “Reciprocal relationship between proactive personality and work characteristics: A latent change score approach.” Published in the Journal of Applied Psychology, 99, 948-965. (The award with a plaque will be presented at the conference of the Society of Industrial and Organisational Psychology, Spring 2016 in Anaheim)
Michael FRESE Distinguished Scientific Contributions Award by the Society for Industrial and Organisational Psychology in 2015
Michael FRESE Greif Award for most influential entrepreneurship publications of last 6 years awarded at AoM Conference (with Rauch, A., Wiklnd, J. & Lumpkin, G.T. 2009. Entrepreneurial orientation and business performance: A meta-analysis. Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, 33, 761-787. August 2015
Michael FRESE Best Reviewer Award by Academy of Management Journal, 2015
Michael FRESE Ranked among the 10 most cited Entrepreneurship scholars at Google Scholar
Michael FRESE Ranked among the 10 most cited Organisational Psychology scholars at Google Scholar.
Michael FRESE Ranked among the 10 most cited Organisational Behaviour scholars at Google Scholar.
Michael FRESE Ranked among the 20 most cited Innovation scholars at Google Scholar
Michael FRESE Ranked third in publications of Management scholars in Germany (Handelsblatt-Rankings 2012, 2014 BWL-Rankings)
Remus ILIES Centre for Creative Leadership Award for the best leadership paper “Leaders Emotional Expressiveness and their Behavioural and Relational Authenticity: Effects on Followers" in 2013 in the European Journal of Work and Organisational Psychology, 2015. The article is available at:
Zhaoli SONG Aug 2015 Academy of Management Conference, Assoc Prof Song and Liao Zhenyu, a PhD students from the department, received the Organisational Behaviour Best Paper Award for their paper "Leader-member exchange process: The mediating roles of state gratitude and momentary trust in leader"
Albert TEO YMCA of Singapore Sustained Volunteerism Award
Richard ARVEY One of the top 30 influential I/O psychologists by Human Resources MBA. Babic, T. (2014).
Zhaoli SONG Best Conference Micro Paper Award 2014 at the International Association for Chinese Management Research (IACMR) Conference: Xian Li, National University of Singapore, Zhaoli SONG, National University of Singapore, Wu Liu, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, “Give and Take - The Cognitive Process or Leader Member Interaction
Albert TEO National Council of Social Service Long Service Award. 2014
Pei Chuan WU Finalist, the 2014 International HR Scholarly Research Award (with Lawler, Chang, Hong, Chen, and Bae), HR Division, AOM
Amy Ou YI 2013 Alvah H. Chapman Jr.Outstanding Dissertation Award: “Understanding Humble Chief Executive Officers: Connection to Top Management Team Integration and Middle Manager Responses” with Tsui, A. S., Kinicki, A. J., Waldman, D. A., Xiao, Z. X., & Song, L. S., Administrative Science Quarterly, 2013
Michael FRESE Ranked third in publications of Management scholars in Germany (Handelsblatt-Rankings 2012, 2014 BWL-Rankings)
Amy Ou YI 2012 Scholarly Impact and Journal of Management Best Paper Award: “Cross‐National, Cross‐Cultural Organisational Behavior Research: Advances, Gaps and Recommendations", with Tsui, A & Nifadkar, S, Journal of Management, 33: 426‐478, 2007”
Irene de PATER Best Paper Award (third prize), Dutch Institute for Psychology (NIP), Division of Work and Organisational Psychology, 2011