Welcome to the Department of Management & Organisation (M&O). According to citation analyses, the M&O Department at the NUS Business School is one of the best in Asia Pacific. With a staff strength of around 30, the department offers a variety of courses in organisational behaviour and management, and human resource management through undergraduate, graduate and executive training programs.

The department includes the Human Resource Management Unit.

 Specific areas of research cover organizational behaviour – behaviour, feelings, motivation, and performance of individuals within organizations, and how effective and healthy organizations evolve. Three aspects are of particular importance:

  1. Workplace Wellness and Well-being
    • Prediction, development, and maintenance of satisfaction, morale, physical and psychological health of employees
    • Biological and physiological basis of organizational health and employee wellness
    • Emotions at work
    • Impact of incivility, harassment, and other forms of “bad work environments” on employee well-being
  2. Human Resource Management (HRM) / Leadership
    • Leadership succession, recruiting, staffing, retaining talent
    • Training and development, compensation, work place design
    • Organizational design and organizational climate and culture, biological basis of leadership, cross-cultural issues of leadership
    • Proactive behaviour at the workplace
  3. Entrepreneurship
    • Innovation process
    • Entrepreneurial capabilities for success, coping with failures and mistakes, crowd-funding, cross-cultural issues
    • Entrepreneurship education

Professor Michael FRESE
Head, Department of Management & Organisation