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Date: 18 August 2015
Venue: Mandarin Orchard Hotel, Mandarin Ballroom


  • Mr Boon Swan Foo, Chairman, Global Investments Limited
  • Mr Chng Lay Chew, CFO, Singapore Exchange
  • Associate Professor Lawrence Loh, CGIO, NUS Business School
  • Ms Jeann Low, Group Chief Corporate Officer, Singtel
  • Mr Philip Yuen FCPA (Aust.), Divisional President - Singapore, CPA Australia and CEO, Deloitte Singapore

Moderated by: Associate Professor Lawrence Loh, Director, Centre for Governance, Institutions and Organisations

Event Summary

The GTI 2015 result was officially unveiled at the “Governance and Transparency Forum” on 18th August 2015. The joint conference by NUS Business School Centre for Governance, Institutions and Organisations (CGIO) with CPA Australia covered the theme “Strong Governance-Your Competitive Advantage”. The event was attended by high level executives and policy makers with interest in the latest developments in corporate governance. The highlight of this forum is the announcement of the main findings in the latest Governance and Transparency Index (GTI) 2015 and the introduction of a new framework –the Singapore Governance and Transparency Index (SGTI) for 2016.

The forum began with welcome address delivered by Philip Yuen FCPA (Aust.), Divisional President - Singapore, CPA Australia. It was followed by presentation from Associate Professor Lawrence Loh, Director of CGIO on the latest findings from GTI 2015 - the most comprehensive study of 639 listed companies in Singapore. Professor Lawrence also discussed on the latest GTI2015 scores, trends, and the areas for improvements. Following that, awards were presented to the top 5 listed companies in Singapore based on their GTI 2015scores.

Thereafter, an invigorating discussion was brought together by the distinguished panelists from Global Investment, Singapore Exchange, Singtel, and CPA Australia. The panelists shared their views on various matters of Singapore's corporate governance and how companies should broaden their focus to handle a wider range of stakeholders. Participants continued discussing the challenges raised and debated during the panel discussion.
A networking lunch, which provided a platform for continued discussion, concluded the forum.


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