Peaks of Excellence

Centre for Asset Management Research & Investments (CAMRI) was founded with the aim to accomplish a state-of-the-art educational academy and a hands-on training laboratory for our budding financial and fund managers.

CAMRI has hosted numerous public lectures, applied finance seminars, forums and conferences, as well as eminent visiting professors in the field of asset management. Our Investment Management & Trading Laboratory is the focal point of CAMRI’s teaching, training, and educational activities. Well-equipped with state-of-the-art software, databases, and applications for asset management research, portfolio management, and financial risk management, our Lab can rival the best fund houses’ investment management and trading facilities.

We aim to provide our students with first-hand experience and training with the best tools so as to better prepare them for the challenging and exciting financial industries in Singapore and Asia. Support us in providing the best training for budding financial and fund managers. In doing so, we enhance and improve the quality of Singapore’s position as Asia’s principal investment management hub, as well as support the growth of its financial services sector.

We have a number of giving opportunities at CAMRI, and would be happy to discuss the mission of each giving opportunity. Naming opportunities are also available. With your help, we can do so much more.

Partner with us as we seek to be the leading-edge research and investment centre for asset management, not just in Asia, but worldwide.

Giving Opportunities

Invest in the future of Asia’s financial industry and help us elevate the performance of students, professionals and organisations in the region’s asset management industry.

Named Visiting Scholars and Leaders
CAMRI hosts the best minds and thought leaders through our Visiting Distinguished Scholars and Leaders Programme. By supporting this programme, you will enable us to host diverse public talks and lectures, applied research forums and breakfast forums by distinguished academics, scholars and globally renowned practitioners in the areas of asset management, investment theory and practice, as well as financial regulation and policy.

Named Investment Management & Trading Lab
Your gift will help us to sustain and enhance our training laboratory to provide high quality investment management education and hands-on training practice with state-of-the-art facilities, resources, data and software applications. Modelled after real-world “buy-side” trading rooms, the lab comes complete with 32 workstations, Thomson Reuters applications, live data and ticker feeds, BARRA investment and risk management software modules, FTS trading system and other software applications.

Named Financial Databases
Our faculty, researchers and students rely on the financial databases and data feeds at our Investment Management & Trading Lab for investment management, research and teaching. These databases and feeds include Thomson Reuters, BARRA, Axioma, Northfield, Financial Trading System, OANDA, Bloomberg, S&P, Datastream, COMPUSTAT, CRSP, WRDS, IBES, SDC Platinum, Emerging Markets database, China Stock Market data and PACAP databases. Your gift will ensure that our faculty, researchers and students continue to have access to comprehensive information on various financial markets.

Named Asian MBA Stock Pitch Competition

This equity research competition is designed to replicate the fast-paced, demanding environment that fundamental analysts and asset managers experience in the real world. Your gift will allow us to provide business students in Asia with this platform to showcase their fundamental analysis and stock-picking abilities.

Named Professorships

Your gift towards a Named Endowed Professorship in the practice of Finance will help to attract and/or retain outstanding asset management academics who strive for excellence in teaching and research, and represent us through lectures in Singapore and overseas to promote our centre and its activities, conferences and seminars.

Named Student-Managed Portfolio

Guided by investment professionals, our students manage real portfolios and funds for hands-on experience. With your support, our students will continue to benefit from such practical training.

Please contact us about the giving opportunity.