Giving to NUS Business School

Investing in Research and Programme

The Centre for Governance, Institutions and Organisations (CGIO) is a one-stop centre of excellence in the areas of governance, institutions and organisations. The CGIO aims to understand, develop and promote governance practices that are relevant to a culturally-diverse Asia.

The academic research at CGIO is organised into five research units: family business, business groups, corporate governance, institutional development and government-linked companies.

We work with business practitioners, government officials and regulators to disseminate research output that creates and promotes best practices amongst corporations, governments and academia. We also conduct applied projects in corporate governance, institutions and organisations that are relevant to practice and policy-making.

CGIO holds industry and research conferences, and conducts academic seminars and roundtables, such as the Family Business Roundtable. We also disseminate research on governance best practices in Singapore through the Governance and Transparency Index (GTI) in partnership with CPA Australia and The Business Times; as well as the Singapore Corporate Governance Award (SCGA) in partnership with Securities Investors Association Singapore (SIAS). Furthermore, through the Singapore Board Diversity Index (with Board Agender), we provide research findings on gender diversity in Singapore boardrooms.

Giving Opportunities

By giving to CGIO, you are investing in the future of Asia’s governance and financial policies. Your gift will help us to carry out research and maintain a dialogue with the financial community and government agencies to stay at the forefront of practice and policy-making.

Named Professorships
  • Professorship in Family Business and Entrepreneurship
    Conferred upon scholars who have demonstrated an exceptional level of achievement in entrepreneurship research and practices. 

  • Professorship in Corporate Strategy
    Conferred upon scholars who have demonstrated an exceptional level of achievement in strategic thinking and practices. 

  • Professorship in Corporate Governance
    Conferred upon scholars who have demonstrated an exceptional level of achievement in corporate governance. 

    These professorships, open to both Singaporean and foreign scholars at NUS Business School, will spearhead the opening of diverse opportunities for intellectual and professional growth, and be at the vanguard of intellectual inquiry. They will initiate and lead education and research programmes with faculty, as well as form partnerships and collaborations with industry players in the region.

    Named Visiting Scholars
    Through your support, CGIO will be able to host bright and promising scholars who feel passionate about supporting CGIO’s mission of furthering research on governance issues significant to Asia. These visiting scholars will come from different parts of the world, and our centre hopes to develop a deeper understanding of building and sustaining well-governed organisations and institutions by tapping the unique ideas and knowledge that visiting scholars bring with them.

    Event and Project Sponsorship
    Your gift can help to sponsor our events (e.g. roundtable discussions) and projects (e.g. company rankings, specific applied research projects or research reports). A sponsored event or project can feature the donor’s name or organisation, and will help CGIO organise more activities that contribute towards the advancement of good governance in Asia.

    Please contact us about the giving opportunity.