Zou Xin

Assistant Professor
Department of Finance and Decision Sciences
Hongkong Baptist University

Being a Finance PhD student in NUS Business School is a fantastic experience for me. The training and guidance from academically distinguished faculties, together with the opportunities to interact and learn from top-tier scholars, nurtures my fast growth into a qualified junior researcher. Mentors and friends I got here will be my life-long treasures.

Xu Weibiao

Assistant Professor
Department of Finance
Nankai University

The PhD programme in NUS Business School broadened my outlook and increased my ability of research. I was well trained to become a rigorous academician. I got great guidance from top-tier professors and I also received kind encouragement from my colleagues. It was full of challenges and joyfulness. It was worth devoting my youth and enthusiasm here.

Shao Yuping

I felt very proud that I could be accepted as a PhD student in Department of Finance 5 years ago. From then on, a new window of exploring new edge of knowledge and seeking truth has been opened for me. I enjoyed my PhD journey in the programme, although sometimes it was quite challenging. The world-class training I received and the deep insights I leaned from professors changed my perspectives and approaches to analyse social phenomena. I will definitely benefit from this for the rest of my life.