Financial Database

The Financial Database (FDB), started in July 1981, was maintained by the Faculty of Business Administration, National University of Singapore. The FDB provides faculty staff and students quick and easy access to a comprehensive database of financial and economic information on various financial markets world-wide.

This service is provided free to all faculty members and students in support of the academic research and teaching activities in the Faculty on the condition that the user acknowledge the Centre in the user’s research paper. The user must inform the Centre on the title of their research and this will be updated in the list of working papers.

The Financial Database subscribed to several large financial databases and software – Datastream, Factset COMPUSTAT, CRSP, WRDS, IBES, China Stock Market data, Trade and Quotes…

We subscribe to several financial databases and software including:

  1. CSMAR
  2. WRDS  – subscriptions within WRDS (and not limited to) are as follows:
    1. CRSP
    2. Compustat
    3. IBES
    4. Thomson Reuters’ 13F
  3. Factset
  4. Eikon
  5. Datastream

Click Here for the latest list of database subscriptions (NUSNET login required).

Access to the Financial Database is granted to current NUS Business School (BIZ) faculty, staff, and students.

BIZ students who wish to gain access to any database need to seek permission (with BIZ faculty consent) before contacting us.