Student Testimonials

"The APEX MBA has helped me develop my strategic thinking so that our business practices complement our customers businesses through innovative and leveraged competencies, which in turn are overcoming our collective competitors."

Mr Scott Whyman
Class of 2007
Vice President & General Manager; Unisys Asia South

"T"Thrust into the complex world of business after more than 20 years of medical practice, I looked for a compact and comprehensive MBA that understands Asian business challenges well. I found everything I needed in the APEX MBA and more. Not only the course itself but the Alumni networking that has followed since continues to pay dividends."

Dr Peng Chung Mien
Class of 2004
CEO, ST Medical Services
Senior Consultant, Singapore Aeromedical Centre

Asia-Pacific EMBA (English)

One of the world's most established EMBAs, the Asia-Pacific EMBA is a unique program with a strategic focus on Asia-Pacific business and strong geographic footprint in the Asia-Pacific region.


Asia-Pacific EMBA (Chinese)

Designed with the busy senior executives in mind, our Executive MBA programmes offer an optimal learning platform with minimal disruptions to career responsibilities. This programme in Chinese will take you places and challenge you intellectually.


UCLA - NUS Executive MBA

Four Countries. Two Top Universities. Two Degrees. One Extraordinary Experience. The UCLA - NUS Executive MBA programme allows senior executives from anywhere in the world to participate in an unparalleled global learning experience without interrupting their careers.