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Fri, 17 January 2020, 4:00pm
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NUS Business School, Atrium
Mochtar Riady Building, 15 Kent Ridge Drive
Singapore 119245 (Map)
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Arguing in Favour: Professor Sumit Agarwal
Arguing Against: Professor and Dean Andrew K. Rose

Format: A presidential-style debate, with short opening statements to be followed by Q&A (with rebuttal) from the floor, 1 hour approx.

Since World War Two, global trade has become more and more free, with services, capital and people crossing borders along with goods.

But with Brexit and the election of Donald Trump, the assumed benefits of international trade have come into question.

Supporters argue that in a situation where trade is fully free, everyone wins. Yet others see such trade creating winners and losers, fuelling inequality and a growing global divide.

Is the simmering China-US trade war intensifying the current global economic slowdown? Does international free trade affect taxation rates? And how is free trade changing political freedoms?

Join us on January 17 as two world-renowned experts debate the issues, answer your questions and challenge your thinking on this critical global issue.

Admission is free and open to current students, alumni and all members of the NUS Business community.

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