NUS Asian Business Series: China's Economic Transformation and Its Global Implications

With the rapidly-growing middle class in China and India, it is impossible for any global marketer to ignore these two largest and important consumer markets in the world. Any successful global marketing strategy must include Chindia.

While potentially lucrative, these markets are not without their pitfalls and dangers. Navigating through them is daunting even for the most experienced MNCs. Some have failed and fled. Others are floundering. Many are afraid of even trying. What does it take to succeed?

Dr Jagdish Sheth will offer his insights on how to succeed in the two explosive economies of Chindia. The moderator for the session will be NUS Business School Associate Professor Prem Shamdasani, Associate Dean, Executive Education and Academic Director, APEX MBA (English) Program.

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Date: Wednesday,
19 March 2014

Time: 11.30am - 1.00pm

Venue: Function Room 4-2
NUS Business School

Office attire

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Wednesday, 19 March 2014
Time: 11.30am - 1.00pm
Buffet lunch will be served at 12pm
Venue: Function Room 4-2
NUS Business School
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Dress Code: Office attire

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About the Speaker

Dr. Jagdish Sheth is the Charles H. Kellstadt Professor of Marketing at Emory University, in Atlanta, Georgia. Prior to this position he was at the University of Southern California, at the University of Illinois, and on the faculty of Columbia University, as well as MIT.

Dr. Sheth's research interests include demographics, consumer psychology, relationship marketing, competitive strategy and geopolitics.

Dr. Sheth is a highly sought after keynote speaker at many industry, academic and public forums. He has been advisor to many industries, governments and companies around the world.

Dr. Sheth has been the recipient of numerous awards, including the top three awards from The American Marketing Association. He is also a Fellow of The American Psychological Association.

A prolific author, Dr. Sheth has published many books either alone or with co-authors. His bestsellers include Clients for Life, The Rule of Three, The Theory of Buyer Behavior, Firms of Endearment and The Self-Destructive Habits of Good Companies…And How to Break Them. His more recent book is Chindia Rising: How China and India Will Benefit Your Business while his latest book is 4A's of Marketing, published in 2012.

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