ASEAN Corporate Governance Initiative

CGIO, together with Singapore Institute of Directors (SID), has been appointed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) as Singapore’s domestic ranking body for the ASEAN Corporate Governance Initiative.

The ASEAN Capital Markets Forum Working Group D is responsible for the ASEAN Corporate Governance Initiative, comprising the ASEAN Corporate Governance Scorecard (ACGS) and the ranking of ASEAN public-listed companies. Developed by a group of regional Corporate Governance experts, with seed funding from the Asian Development Bank, the ACGS is a tool for ASEAN companies to improve their corporate governance practices and increase their visibility and investment attractiveness to global investors. The ACGS and the ranking results can also be used by regulators as a reference for reviewing rules and guidelines in order to enhance CG practices. Each jurisdiction appoints a Domestic Ranking Body to carry out the domestic ranking exercises and participate in regional ranking exercises for ASEAN public-listed companies.


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Disclaimer: This ASEAN Scorecard (Singapore) project has been produced independently by a team of CGIO researchers. This project is not an offer for corporate governance consultancy. Partners, directors, members or employees of CGIO, NUS Business School and Singapore Institute of Directors may serve on the board of directors of companies assessed but they are not directly involved in the ranking assessment. The information and statistics are prepared by CGIO from publicly available material on the basis that such information is accurate and complete. Such information and the statistics expressed are subject to change without notice.

Collaboration Opportunities

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