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Date: 13 March 2018
Venue: NUSS Guild House 9,
Kent Ridge Drive
Singapore 119241

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Event Summary

The Centre for Governance, Institutions and Organisations (CGIO) of NUS Business School organised a full day conference on ‘How Strong is Your Company’s Digital DNA’ on Tuesday, 13 March with a strong line-up of overseas and local faculty presenters as well as speakers from the digital and IT industry.

Prof Jonathan Aronson, the key presenter for the conference, is an internationally acclaimed academic and prolific writer who teaches in the Annenberg School of Communications at the University of Southern California. He is the co-author of the book “Digital DNA: Disruption and the Challenges for Global Governance” that was published in 2017. In addition to Prof Aronson, the programme also featured CGIO’s Senior Research Fellow Alex Capri and National University of Singapore’s School of Computing Assoc Prof Keith Carter. Speakers from prominent industries such DBS Innovation Group, Google Cloud, Bambu Robo – Advisory and IBM Asia Pacific complete the line-up.

The event attracted 100 participants from the banking to logistics to manufacturing industries.

The full-day conference opened with a key presentation by Prof Aronson followed by three sessions of case studies. Each presentation and session ended with active participation in the question and answer segment. We are unable to provide details of Prof Aronson’s presentation and case studies session due to the Chatham House rule.


Prof Lawrence LOH giving the welcome remarks

Prof ARONSON delivering his lecture

Interview cum question and answer session with Senior Research Fellow Alex CAPRI

Panel Discussion and Case Studies, Session 1: Robo-Advisory and Financial Services Panellists: DBS Innovation Group, Mark EVANS; Robo-Analytics Ned PHILLIPS; Jonathan ARONSON; Alex CAPRI

From left: Alex CAPRI; Mark EVANS; Ned PHILLIPS; Jonathan ARONSON

Panel Discussion and Case Studies, Session 2: Google Cloud and AI Panellist: Google Cloud, Oyvind ROTI; NUS, Keith CARTER; Jonathan ARONSON; Alex CAPRI

From left: Oyvind ROTI; Alex CAPRI; Jonathan ARONSON; Keith CARTER

Panel Discussion and Case Studies, Session 3: The Role of Technology on Urban Sustainable Living Panellists: Joan ABRAHAMSON; Janet ANG; Alex CAPRI

From left: Jonathan ARONSON; Joan ABRAHAMSON; Alex CAPRI; Janet ANG; Lawrence LOH

collaboration Opportunities

At CGIO, we aim to deliver thought leadership, centred in Asia, with a global influence that contributes to organisational excellence and sustainability. As a research centre, we welcome collaboration opportunities and support from companies, trusts, foundations and individuals. If you are interested in research collaborations or funding our research efforts, please contact Ms Verity Thoi, Manager: