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Event: Hosted Dialogue and Networking Session with Global Compact Network Singapore (GCNS)
Venue: 1, Marina Boulevard, NTUC Centre
Date: Thursday, 27 June 2017

Corporate giving takes on a new meaning at the Company of Good Fellowship Programme developed by the National Volunteer and Philanthropy Centre (NVPC) in 2017. Assoc Prof Lawrence Loh, Director at the Centre for Governance, Institutions and Organisations (CGIO) of NUS Business School was invited by NVPC to teach and share his expertise respectively at the Dialogue cum Networking Session hosted by Global Compact Network Singapore (GCNS) on 27 June.

At the seminar, Prof Loh conducted a masterclass titled: ‘Emerging Challenges for Companies in Sustainability Reporting’. He provided both broad and comprehensive overview as well as critical focus on the evolution, forms and challenges to what sustainability reporting (SR) means for companies. He also challenged the audience to change their mindsets and embrace SR as the way forward.


The masterclass was followed by a panel discussion, ‘Sustainability and Corporate Giving’ with Andrew Buay, Singtel vice-president of group sustainability, Prof Loh of CGIO and Wilson Ang, executive director of Global Compact Network Singapore. Central to the discussion was integration of SR into the company’s business. Increasing stakeholder loyalty and reaching untapped markets, while looking at sustainable practices that reduce long-term costs were also emphasised.

From right: Mr Andrew Buay, Prof Lawrence Loh, Mr Wilson Ang in the panel discussion with Ms Patsian Low as the moderator.

The speakers with the NVPC class of Good Fellows

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