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A Call for an Asian Model


CGIO Official Launch
Speaker: Professor Huang Yasheng
Venue: Mochtar Riady Building, NUS Business School
Date: 5th July 2011 

Centre for Governance, Institutions and Organizations, NUS Business School, Singapore

The World Bank has identified governance as being essential to economic development. Good governance depends on both formal and informal institutions in law and politics, society and culture, economy and business. Until recently, most governance research has focused on the Anglo-American model with a strong underlying belief in market mechanisms. However, the recent widespread failure of financial markets called the belief in this model into question. Moreover, many Asian countries have achieved strong economic growth despite having weak institutions by Anglo-American standards. These economies have embraced a network form of capitalism with a mixed model of government and private-sector capitalism. On the one hand, there are many family-controlled business groups and on the other hand, there are equally vibrant government-linked companies. These phenomena present a novel challenge and call for the development of an “Asian model of governance.” This seminar hopes to initiate intellectual debates on what should be an "Asian model of governance," that can facilitate sustained economic growth of Asian countries in general and that may also have implications for other emerging market countries. Leading Asian thought leaders from the public and private sector will share their views on these issues.

Keynote Speaker

Huang Yasheng is professor of political economy and international management at Sloan School of Management, MIT. His previous appointments include faculty positions at Harvard University and the University of Michigan.

In addition to academic journal articles, Professor Huang has published five books, the most recent being “Capitalism with Chinese Characteristics” which was selected by The Economist magazine as one of the best books published in 2008.

Panel Discussion with Asian business leaders

Moderator: Professor Ivan Png
Panelists: Mr Kosuke Nakamura, Managing Executive Officer, Mizuho Corporate Bank; Ms Chng Sok Hui, CFO DBS Bank; Mr Shalabh Mittal, CEO, Mercator Lines; Mr Bacelius Ruru, Chairman, PT Jababeka

The Event 

 The Event was attended by more than 70 people including our high-profile political leader Mr S. Dhanabalan.


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