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Duration of Competition

Q: How long does the competition last?

A: The registration starts in  August 2015 and the competition starts in September 2015. Finals will be held in Singapore in November 2015.

Fees & Registration

Q: Are there any application fees?

A: No participation fee is required.

Q: Will I need to cover the costs of travel and accommodation if my team is selected for the finals?

A: The NUS Business School will take care of the flight and accommodation expenses for the visiting teams during the dates of the competition.

Q: Do I need to speak English?

A: Yes. The business case has to be written in English and if your team is selected for the final round, you will be required to give a presentation in English.

Q: Can I have the registration form and official rules in my own language?

A: No. Since the competition is in English, we only accept applications in English.

Team Requirements

Q: How many members can we have in our team?

A: Each team should consist of 3 members.

Q: Can I form a team with people from different years of study (e.g. a first-year student and a second-year student)?

A: Yes, the team can have people from different cohorts, but each team member has to be a post-graduate student from the same university. Please note that any participant who has been a part of the Cerebration semi-final round in a previous year in Singapore is not permitted to apply in 2015.

Q: Can I participate in more than one team?

A: No. You can participate only in one team.

Q: Can more than one team participate from the same university/school?

A: Yes, there is no restriction on the number of teams from the same university/school.

Q: Is there a limit to the number of teams who can register per country?

A: No. Any amount of teams can register per country.

Q: Do all team members have to have the same nationality?

A: No. Your team members can be of any nationality or any combination of nationalities, and you can represent a school outside of your country of origin.

Q: Can I change a team member?

A: You can change any registration detail you like except your team name before the case study has been released to your team. After that, we do not encourage changes in team composition.


Q: My degree is not at all business related, but I am very interested in the business case competition, can I participate?

A: Participants eligible to compete in Cerebration should be pursuing a business degree as part of a graduate programme.

Q: I am presently on an exchange programme outside of my home university. Would it be possible for me to enrol for the competition while the rest of my team is still at my home school?

A: Yes

Q: My programme finishes at the end of October 2015. Can I still participate?

A: Yes. In order to be eligible to participate, you should be a student when you register; that is, you should still be officially affiliated to the university.

Q: My programme finishes in May 2014 but I haven't graduated. Can I still participate?

A: Yes. In order to be eligible to participate, you should be a student when you register; that is, you should still be officially affiliated to the university.


Q: What kind of mathematic/statistical analysis (historical series, function analysis etc.) do we have to use during the competition?

A: Whatever kind you want. You are under no obligation as to your methods of analysis.

Q: What resources can we use to prepare the business plan and the executive summary? Can I use public studies? Can I ask my peers for advice?

A: You may access any sources that you deem necessary to make your decisions, be it web-based, print or interviews. Public studies may be consulted if you so desire.

Q: How many different cases are there? Can we choose the case or will they be assigned?

A: There are two sponsored cases in this competition. You can provide your top choice (i/o top two choices) for the cases

Q: How will I know which case I have been assigned to?

A: All competing teams will be notified once allocation is complete.

Q: After allotment, can we change the case assigned?

A: The organising team does not encourage changes in case allocation.

Q: Can we contact the case sponsors directly, in order to seek additional information?

A: No, we request that you avoid any direct communication with the case sponsors. Any such reported instance will force us to disqualify your team.


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