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Cerebration 2015 organising team can be reached at cerebration@nusmba.biz or via Facebook and Twitter.

Cerebration Team Leader

Ritika Tapuriah

Ritika Tapuriah – Indian
3+ years in financial service

Mobile: +65 9085 9106
Email: ritika.tapuriah@nusmba.biz

Cerebration Sponsorship Leader

Oscar Posada – Colombian
6+ years in asset management

Mobile: +65 9350 8799
Email: oscar.posada@nusmba.biz

Cerebration Marketing Leader

Nikhil Kapur – Indian
Co-founder at TommyJams

Mobile: +65 8142 6739
Email: nikhil.kapur@nusmba.biz

Cerebration Case Leader

Harsh Shrivastava – Indian
6+ yrs in Business Development – Power Generation

Mobile: +65 8263 4144
Email: harsh.shrivastava@nusmba.biz

Cerebration Logistic Leader

Liz Naglestad – Norwegian
4+ yrs in Shipbuilding & Hospitality

Mobile: +65 8653 1063
Email: liz.naglestad@nusmba.biz

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