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#1 - Daimler Financial Services Case Study: Social Media Strategy for Customer Life Cycle Management

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Customers of Daimler Financial Services (DFS) are experiencing a paradigm shift in the way they seek products, services and engagement through digital and social media platforms. Digital services and product sales in the financial services industry have become increasingly prominent in countries with high levels of internet penetration. DFS has enabled its customers to digitally engage and avail a portfolio of online and mobile services. Consequently, DFS is now embracing social media to be prepared to serve the upcoming generation of social media savvy customers.

DFS is looking to further enhance its customer's digital experience through social media platforms. Through this case study, DFS is looking for a social media strategy consisting of a portfolio of solutions that focus primarily on giving its customer the best experience and help propel DFS towards their vision of being the choice provider of financial services by focusing on three dimensions – increasing market penetration of its products and services, improving customer satisfaction to retain existing customers and tapping into newly evolving business models.

DFS has already built its "Digital Touch Points" –a portfolio of applications that provides functionalities that target different stages of a customer's life-cycle. The cycle consists of multiple stages:

Creation of Interest -> Purchase -> Service Life time -> Retention

Social media is the next focus area and could potentially cover all the stages in the above cycle.

#2 - SPRING Singapore Case Study: Driving Growth towards becoming a Global Singapore Enterprise

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One of the high potential enterprises that SPRING hopes to bring to the next stage of growth road towards becoming a global brand is a Singapore-based interior furnishing company. This company, SG Enterprise (Since the company wishes to maintain anonymity, "SG Enterprise" will be used to refer to the company in this case and during the competition) sees high performance in most of the Asian markets including China, however, its business in India has been below expectations. Success in India for SG Enterprise is a critical milestone for its overall success in Asia, and which will lay the strong foundation to catapult its growth into other regions to establish a global presence.

SPRING is looking for a breakthrough solution that will propose a winning strategy for SG Enterprise's success in the Indian market. The solution should address various aspects of SG Enterprise's India business - market segments to be targeted within India, appropriate products and services and their positioning, innovative business models, operational strategies, people and cultural aspects, and financial viability.

SPRING also requires the solution to incorporate its Business Excellence (BE) framework requirements, which ensures all round success of an enterprise by scoring the organization on 7 dimensions or categories – Leadership, Planning, Information, People, Processes, Customers and Results. The solution for SG Enterprise's India business should be scored based on the BE framework and it should show significant improvements that would address the findings of SG Enterprise's assessment against the framework requirements.

Business Excellence Framework:


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