Publications list from CBE (Centre for Behavioural Economics)

Journal Publications




  • Teck Hua HO, So Eun Park and Xuanming Su, “A Bayesian Level-k Model in n-Person Games”
  • Teck Hua HO, Catherine Yeung, Noah Lim, R. Michael van Dam and Kwok Wai Tham, “A Scalable Online Platform for Weight Loss”
  • Teck Hua HO, Juin Kuan CHONG and Xiaoyu Xia, “Market Entry Decisions of Taxi Drivers”
  • Teck Hua HO, Przemyslaw Jeziorski, S. Hwang and Sadat Reza, “Quantifying Overdiagnosis in Mammography Screenings Using Individual Medical Histories”
  • Teck Hua HO, Juin Kwan CHONG and Xiaoyu Xia, “Should All Taxis Be Yellow?”