The rise of China is dramatically changing the global economic and business landscape, shifting the world’s economic power from the West to the East. Chinese businesses are becoming more prominent globally, while undergoing transformation at an unprecedented pace. They are increasingly seen to play leadership roles in fuelling economic growth and creating innovative and creating innovative business models on the global stage. The Belt Road Initiative is set to reshape the global trade networks and could bring enormous opportunities for the economies along the corridor. Singapore, as the regional financial hub and international business centre, plays a key role in realizing the initiative and bridging the connectivity between China and ASEAN.


For businesses to seize opportunities both inside and outside China, it is important to develop an in-depth understanding of China’s business environment, culture and traditions, while actively innovating and adapting to new models of sustainable growth. Through the breadth and depth of our research and teaching capabilities, our extensive global network of alumni and industry partners, and our long tradition of bringing together the best of East and West.

NUS Business School is uniquely positioned to support and participate in China’s globalisation and transformation and facilities its connectivity with the dynamic ASEAN economy. Our China Business Centre (CBC) brings together world-class academic capabilities and resources to advance the learning of China’s business innovation and the discovery of future growth paths for the region.


To be a world-class resource centre for China-related studies and a pioneering platform that develops thought leadership on China businesses and promotes thought exchange among various stakeholders.


To advance research and research on China business and contribute to its transformation and globalisation. CBC is committed to developing managerial expertise that both advances business research and enlightens practitioners.