CAMRI Global Perspectives is a digest of market research & views by Dr. Brian Fabbri, Visiting Senior Research Fellow at CAMRI & President of FABBRI Global Economics . We hope you enjoy reading our CAMRI Global Perspectives digest.


December 2017: More of the Same in 2018, But Not for Long!

November 2017: The EU Playing It Safe

September 2017: Is This As Good As It Gets?

June 2017: Globalization brings synchronization

May 2017: International Trade: A Matter of Savings and Investment

April 2017: The EU: The Haves and Have Nots

March 2017: Debt: Too Much, or Do We Need More?

February 2017: Does Macro Policy Diverge or Converge?

January 2017: From East to West, Inflation is Back!


December 2016: Trump: The High King of Leverage

November 2016: Fiscal Boost Needed to Make EU, UK and Japan Great Again

October 2016: The Time for Change is Now

September 2016: Is it Time for A New Monetary Policy Target?

July 2016: The EU: What’s next?

June 2016: Is the Stock Market stuck in Neutral, and the Global Economy rolling downhill?

May 2016: The New Normal for the US, But Not for Long

April 2016: Man in Tights: Abenomics Needs Another Arrow!

March 2016: The Rash of Economic Forecast Downgrades?

February 2016: On a Swing and a Prayer: Are Financial Markets Trying to Tell Us Something?


December 2015: Tisn’t the Season to be Jolly: Another Dismal Economic Year Ahead

November 2015: Thanksgiving: A Good Time for Reflection and Sharing

October 2015: How Important Is Manufacturing?

September 2015: Are Interest Rates too Low for Savings?

June 2015: Where Have All the Good Wads Gone?

May 2015: The Critical Question is How High?

April 2015: Frigid Growth: Global Growth Slowing More than Forecast

March 2015: Are Financial Bubbles Building?

February 2015: From QE to Cheap Currency: The Race to the Bottom

January 2015: Global Macro Policy: The Good, The Bad, and the Unresolved


December 2014: Year-end Look Ahead and Backward

November 2014: Inflation in US: Where Has It Gone?

October 2014: Saying Q.E.D. to QE?

September 2014: Macro Prudential Policies Work

July-August 2014: US Economic Pull, Push or Let Go? The Case of Asia

June 2014: Excess Liquidity and No Inflation!

May 2014: A Time for Reflection: Liquidity Creation Is Not Having the Same Effect on Equity Markets

April 2014: Will It Be Déjà Vu for Japan?

March 2014: The End of Easy Money Is Near

February 2014: Sovereign Asset-Liability Management in Singapore


November – December 2013: Will Changed Leadership Matter?

October 2013: In Debt We Trust: An In-depth Analysis (a.k.a. A Case of Too Much Debt that Everyone Owns)

September 2013: Is the US Credit Crisis Over?

August 2013: Watch What He Says

July 2013: QE Comes and Goes

June 2013: Currency Conflict – A Hazy Outlook?

May 2013: Financial Markets and the Economy

April 2013: Trade over Conflict

March 2013: Japan Chooses Inflation