Related image It was among the best decisions I have made in my university life to take up the Student Managed Fund (SMF) Track. The rigor of the modules which I underwent have also given me an indication of how it would be like to undertake a full time asset management role, as well as prepared me adequately to perform in my penultimate summer internship program with a reputable financial firm. The professors would also challenge the students' analyses while providing us with many valuable insights, which contributes greatly to our learning and pushes us to develop our analysis skills.

The SMF Track has a lot to offer, and I genuinely believe that it is one of the best undergraduate programs available for students to equip themselves with the relevant skill sets to join the asset management industry. It is however, up to the individual student on how much time and effort he or she is willing to put in, so as to allow themselves to best make use of the opportunity and develop themselves.Related image
Yvonne Chua, Class of 2015


Related imageI was attracted to the Equity Research Seminar and Applied Portfolio Management classes as these appeared to offer important practical research and quantitative skills that I thought could be useful to my personal investing ambitions. My Professors really encouraged me to think deeply about the business models of the various companies that we covered, and to be especially careful about possible sources of disruption.

More importantly, I think this mode of teaching and learning has encouraged me to be more curious, and to be able to think critically and ask questions - something which I found to be really useful when I transitioned into my current full-time role. The ability to ask really critical questions about the business and elicit the answers can contribute towards either making or breaking the investment case that we have on certain companies.

I think the “enjoyability” has got to be the entire learning process from working with really intelligent peers through group presentations and listening to others' stock pitches, and being able to leverage the insightful thinking of really experienced Professors.Related image
Jeremy Tan, Class of 2016


Related imageThe most enjoyable experience is getting to know and interact with mentors that help to guide me through the university, from module selection, internship advice, to career path choice. The programming and large-scale model development skills I learned from CAMRI are really helpful in working life. Excel VBA is still very prominent in industry. The experience to use VBA in a large scale project helped me to land the dream internship, hopefully dream job later.

If you are lucky to enter the track, make sure do spend time on understanding the materials and doing the assignments that mentors allocate to you. You will learn a lot from the hands on experience.Related image
Cai Juntao, Class of 2017