The CAMRI Board of Directors is chaired by the Dean of the NUS Business School, and comprises the senior members of the investment industry, financial industry, and government financial statutory boards, as appointed by the Dean. The Director of the Centre is an ex officio member of the Board.


Andrew Rose
Andrew K. ROSE

Dean and Distinguished Professor
NUS Business School


Arun Kohli

Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer
Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA)
Morgan Stanley

Danny Yong
Danny YONG

Founding Partner and Chief Investment Officer
Dymon Asia Capital

Hugh Young

Managing Director
Aberdeen Standard Investments (Asia)

James Loh
James LOH

Founder and CEO
JL Capital

Manraj S. Sekhon
Manraj S. SEKHON

Emerging Markets Equity
Franklin Templeton

Navtej S. Nandra
Navtej S. NANDRA

Former President
E*TRADE Financial Corporation

Nicholas Kong
Nicholas KONG

Chief Investment Officer
NUS Investment Office

Sung Cheng Chih
SUNG Cheng Chih

Avanda Investment Management

Distinguished Visiting Research Fellow

Owen Thomas

Chief Executive Officer
Boston Properties
Former CAMRI Board Member

Board of Directors Terms of Reference 

Role of the Board of Directors

The Board will play the following roles:

  1. Provide guidance and support in developing and promoting the Centre’s mission, objectives and strategic goals. These include advising CAMRI’s management and Advisory Council on its long-term activities and affairs, and ensure that they are consistent with the Centre’s strategic plan, and the objectives of the NUS Business School.

  2. Advise on CAMRI’s plans for raising and utilising financial and other resources.

  3. Advise on governance issues, the adoption of corporate governance principles, and ensuring best practise at the Centre at all times.

  4. Assist CAMRI in building its reputation, e.g., serving as an advocate of CAMRI, as a bridge between CAMRI and businesses and the public sector, as well as advising on significant events of value to the industry.

Term Limits & Meetings

Members are appointed by the Dean, NUS Business School (Chair) and will serve a 3-year term, renewable twice. The Board will meet twice a year and as scheduled by the Dean. While Board meetings are expected to include the participation of all its Members, compelling personal or business reasons may preclude Members from participating in meetings. In such cases, and when the need arises, CAMRI will make every effort to include Members via tele- or video-conference during meetings.