• All teams must put their stock pitch PowerPoint presentation on a pre-designed template provided by CAMRI. 
  • Teams make their presentations anonymously, using a team number (assigned in a random drawing) and their first and last names - not the name of their schools. 
  • A total of 25 minutes will be allotted per team pitch. 15 minutes will be used for the formal presentation, 10 minutes for Q & A from the judges. These time limits will be strictly enforced by an official timekeeper. 
  • Every presentation must feature a "lead presenter" (a team member who makes the initial ten minute presentation). Each team member must serve as a lead presenter for one of the three stocks. All three team members can participate in answering the judges' questions in all rounds. 
  • Student teams competing at each stage of the competition will not be allowed to view the presentations of the other teams, except for the final round on the afternoon of the 3rd Day. The non-finalists will be allowed to join the audience during the final round, while the final four teams who make it to the final round will be allowed to join the audience upon completion of their presentation. 
  • Judges will be provided with a score sheet for the competition. In brief, the presentation will be judged on the basis of the quality of the analysis, presentation delivery, and the quality of the Q & A session.

To view videos of past Asian MBA Stock Pitch Competitions held at NUS Business School, please
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