Launched in April 2010, the CAMRI Investment Management & Trading Lab is the focal point of CAMRI’s teaching, training, and educational activities. Due to its stated research and educational mission in the Asian fund management context, it has a preponderance of financial databases, with particular focus on Asian securities. Located at Level 3 of the Mochtar Riady Building, the CAMRI Lab enhances the students’ portfolio management experience and hands-on activities in financial modeling and management. The Lab has 41 workstations, Bloomberg live feeds, live financial data tickers, MSCI Barra investment and risk management software modules, and various other trading and portfolio management software applications. There are at least three BBA and MBA finance modules in investment and risk management as well as various applied research seminars and executive lectures taught out of the CAMRI Lab currently. The aim is to enable participants in various NUS Business School programs to have first-hand experience and training with the best tools available to the professional investment community, and as a result, best prepare them for the investments, financial, and wealth management job markets.

Our state-of-the-art CAMRI Lab is available on a highly-limited basis for non-Student Managed Fund Track financial training and education efforts. If you are interested to rent the Lab for such a purpose, please contact CAMRI at

Financial Software and Datasets available in the CAMRI Investment Management & Trading lab

The lab currently has Bloomberg and MSCI Barra installed on every PC.

Click here for the CAMRI Lab login and mapping guide.

Bloomber at CAMRI

Based on a special agreement with Bloomberg Professional Service, Bloomberg is installed on every PC in the CAMRI Lab.

CAMRI’s guide for new users of Bloomberg is available by clicking here. More Bloomberg resources are available for you to download.

MSCI Barra

Based on another special agreement with MSCI Barra, we have the following Barra applications, risk models, and datasets now available in the Lab:

Barra on Campus, Aegis Platform, and Alphabuilder
Asia-Pacific Equity Model (ASE1)
Various single country models (Singapore, China, Japan)
US Equity Model (USE3)
Global Equity Model (GEM2)

Barra resources are available for you to download (password-protected – for NUS Business School staff and students only).

Please click here for a CAMRI-developed Guide to Barra Aegis Portfolio Manager and a CAMRI-developed Guide to Barra Aegis Performance Analyst.

CAMRI had conducted an Inter-Semester Applied Financial Seminar Series at the CAMRI Investment Management & Trading Lab from May to July 2010. Expert members of the financial industry spoke to our NUS Business School Honours & MBA finance students, as well as applied financial researchers, on various current topics related to capital markets and/or asset management. Most workshops included hands-on instruction using the various financial software available in the CAMRI lab.

Click here to view the booking of the CAMRI Investment Management & Trading Lab [Choose Venue: BZ1/CMRI-BIZ 1 CAMRI LAB (CAMRI booking only)]
Please contact the CAMRI staff for bookings. Booking priority will be given to BIZ Student Managed Fund Track classes and BIZ projects that require the use of investments-related data and software. Examples of BIZ projects could be student consulting practicum assignments, honours-year thesis, certain classroom projects, school case & stock competitions, student consulting practicum assignments, CAIA and CFA partnership activities, and so on. The CAMRI Lab is open every day from 8am to 10pm, except on Sundays and Public Holidays.


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