Student Managed Fund Track Special Lecture and MBA Q&A Session with Mr Atsushi Yoshikawa, 12 October 2016

CAMRI hosted Mr. Atsushi Yoshikawa, (Distinguished Visiting Fellow, NUS Business School; Advisor, Nomura Securities; and former President and Group COO, Nomura Holdings) on 12 Oct, where he spoke to BBA and MBA students on current and upcoming trends in asset management. When asked by a student, his advice was:  "It's better not to try to speculate what will be the next big thing, because nobody knows. But if you pursue Asset Management as your career, if you like it, just continue what you like to do with passion - build your capabilities and keep track of your goals, and one day clients will look for your expertise and products. If you join the current market theme, you are already too late."

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