CAMRI-recommended MBA-level finance classes if you are interested to find a job in the asset management industry. We suggest you complete the 5 compulsory core classes followed by any of the 4 (or 5) electives recommend there. Note that this is subject to these MBA-level modules being offered during a particular semester (please check on this with the MBA Graduate Program Office) and that these modules are subject to change.

Asset ManagementModule NoCore or Elective
Financial Management BMA5008 Core
Managerial Economics BMA5001 Core
Financial Accounting BMA5003 Core
Management Accounting  BMA5005 Core
Macroeconomics in the Global Economy BMA5011 Core
Applied Portfolio Management (Equities focus) BMA5323 Elective
Value Investing in Asia (Equities focus) BMA5324 Elective
International Finance BMA5325 Elective
Applied Security Analysis and Valuation Workshop (Equities focus) BMA5331 Elective
Investment Analysis and Management (Equities focus) BMA5302 Elective
Fund Management (Multi-asset class / Asset Allocation focus) BMA5309 Elective
Private Equity BMA5313 Elective
Special Topics in Private Equity  BMA5313D  Elective
Valuation and Mergers & Acquisitions (Corporate finance focus) BMA5313A Elective
Topics in Finance : Trading and Investing in Commodities BMA5330 Elective
Macroeconomics & Finance: Perspectives From Asia BMA5122 Elective
Family Business and Wealth Management BMA5327 Elective

We also strongly recommend you register for and take the CFA (Levels I, II and III) and CAIA (Levels I and II) certification exams.