Director’s Message

Dear Alumni of NUS and Friends of CAMRI,

Turning Potential into Reality

We all have dreams. Some we turn into action, and some actions turn into success.

At NUS Business School we are proud of the success that CAMRI has become, something that every one of you has been part of. Now I would like to rally your support to make CAMRI a phenomenon!

We first embarked on the journey to create NUS Business School’s Centre for Asset Management Research & Investments (CAMRI) in mid-2009. Our aim was to build a state-of-the-art educational academy and hands-on training laboratory for budding financial and fund managers.

Today our world-class Investment Management & Trading Laboratory is the hub of CAMRI’s teaching, training, and educational activities. We have also hosted public lectures, applied finance seminars, forums, conferences, and eminent visiting professors in the field of asset management. Equipped with 41 workstations, the latest industry standard software, databases, and applications for asset management research, portfolio management, and financial risk management, the CAMRI Lab rivals facilities at Wall Street’s best fund houses.

Currently we offer six courses from the Lab and we expect to provide more learning opportunities to our students and practitioners, offering first-hand experience and training with the best tools available to prepare them for the challenge and excitement of the financial industry.

In Academic Year 2012/13 the Lab’s live Student Managed Fund (SMF) was launched with the generous help of two donors. The SMF portfolio is the culmination of our Student Managed Fund Track, which is now an integral part of CAMRI’s core mission of providing impactful and hands-on education. This is central to our mission of developing high-performing, highly-skilled asset managers who have a strong sense of integrity and fiduciary responsibility.

Our industry-ready graduates are then provided a competitive career edge in the asset management industry: every year CAMRI compiles and distributes our SMF Track graduating students’ resumes to our hiring partners.

CAMRI also offers executive education training programmes in portfolio management through its Graduate Certificate in Applied Portfolio Management (g-CAPM) programme. The programme has received consistently positive feedback from its global participants, including asset owners and asset managers.

These programmes and courses have attracted the most talented students and experts in finance to Singapore, while showcasing the city as a world-class asset management centre. In addition our work fosters strong and long-lasting relationships between industry, academics, asset owners and other stakeholders.

Alumni, friends, and well-wishers, we thank you for your vital support to date and we ask you to continue to support us in our efforts to train budding fund managers and research analysts. By doing so, we help enhance and improve the quality of Singapore’s position as Asia’s principal investment management hub, as well as support the growth of its financial services sector.

There are a number of giving opportunities at CAMRI, and we would be grateful to work with you to expand the mission of each naming opportunity. After all, the greatest satisfaction and achievement from wealth accumulation is giving back. Together, we can create positive impact, while you can enjoy invaluable returns such as:

  • 2.5x Tax Deduction
  • Philanthropic Multiplier effects recognised by the Singapore Government
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Influencing, nurturing and unifying the financial community
  • Make a positive difference with intrinsic benefits

Your support will help CAMRI groom and mould future investors and asset managers for Singapore and Asia. With your help, we can progress closer to our mission: to be the leading research and investment centre for asset management globally.

Please contact me directly if you would like to help make a difference. Thank you very much in advance for your time and support.

Let’s work together to bring CAMRI to greater heights and let’s together turn potential into reality!

Yours sincerely,
Joseph Cherian
Practice Professor of Finance and Director, CAMRI
Phone: (65) 6516 5991

Turning Potential into Reality

When you give to CAMRI, you are investing in the future of Asia’s financial industry. Your gift will help us elevate the performance of students, professionals and organisations in the region’s asset management industry. We offer a range of giving opportunities with naming privileges.


Named Centre (CAMRI)

A large-sum gift entitles you to the privilege of having the Centre named after you, your organisation or an individual you wish to honour. Your gift will enable us to strive towards our mission of becoming a world-class centre in asset management research and education, especially in the area of best practices for Asian fund management and regulation. Your generosity will also enable us to establish global partnerships with the best centres of investment in leading universities in the United States and Europe.

Investment Management & Trading Lab

Named Investment Management & Trading Lab

At CAMRI, we provide the highest-quality investment management education and practice with the use of state-of-the-art facilities, resources, data and software applications. Your gift will help us sustain and enhance our training laboratory. Modelled after real-world “buy-side” trading rooms, the lab is complete with 41 workstations, Bloomberg live feeds, live financial data tickers, MSCI Barra investment and risk management software modules, and various other trading and portfolio management software applications. Our lab provides our students with the hands-on training that they need to succeed in the industry.


Named Professorship

Your gift could go towards a Named Endowed Professorship in the Practice of Finance, which emphasises both theoretical and practical financial management as well as applied financial research. The income generated from the professorship will help attract and/or retain the most outstanding asset management academics and enable them to strive for excellence in teaching, research and service to the University and the community. The funding will also enable the Named Professor to give lectures in Singapore and overseas to promote our Centre and its activities, attend conferences and seminars, and purchase materials that advance the study and practice of asset management.

Student-Managed Portfolio

Named Student-Managed Portfolio

CAMRI plays an integral role in preparing students for real-world challenges in the investment arena. Guided by investment professionals, our students manage real portfolios and funds and hence learn through hands-on experience. With your support, our students will continue to benefit from such practical training, which will better prepare them for the demands of the investments, financial and wealth management industry.

Visiting Scholars and Leaders

Named Visiting Scholars and Leaders

At CAMRI, we recognise the importance of investment and asset management knowledge exchange. That’s why we bring in the best minds and thought leaders to Singapore through our Visiting Distinguished Scholars and Leaders Programme. By supporting this programme, you will help realise a diversity of public talks and lectures, applied research forums and breakfast forums by distinguished academics, scholars and globally renowned practitioners in the areas of asset management, investment theory and practice, as well as financial regulation and policy.

Financial Databases

Named Financial Databases

Our faculty, researchers and students rely on the financial databases and data feeds at our Investment Management & Trading Lab for investment management, research and teaching. These databases and feeds include Bloomberg, MSCI Barra, Factset, Thomson Reuters, S&P, Datastream, COMPUSTAT, CRSP, WRDS, IBES, Markit, Capital IQ, Emerging Markets database, China Stock Market data, Speeda, and OptionMetrics databases. Your gift will help ensure that our faculty, researchers and students continue to have quick and easy access to comprehensive information on various financial markets.