Our students are the best ambassadors of our office! Here are some accolades from our students, on how they have benefited from the services provided by our office.

Student Internship Search

Having applied close to 200 internship positions, going through easily more than 50 interviews and given the current economic conditions, I was very fortunate to have been presented with 4 offers from the bulge brackets, and more from the boutiques. Thanks BIZ Career Services for the immense guidance!

Marcus Lee, BBA Student

The team at BIZ Career Services was critical through my internship applications which lead to a fruitful 3 month stint at Applied Materials. I appreciate their value add in my career development and hope to have their support in the near future.

Kenji Nakajima, MBA Student

Student Job Search

I am glad to inform you that I have accepted the full-time position offered to me by the accountancy firm at the end of my internship.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank BIZ Career Services for linking me up with my peers who had previously interned with the firm. This helped me understand the job role better. Thanks for your help and guidance!

Yee Guan Wei, BBA Student

My summer internship at Microsoft has been going great so far! Moreover, I have been offered a full time position as Regional Program Manager starting this August. I would like to take this opportunity to thank BIZ Career Services for all your help!

Sindhura Sunkara, MBA Student

I was hired by a Japanese company after my graduation and have since joined its Tokyo office. On that note, I would like to express my personal gratitude to the Business School Career Services office for the invaluable guidance I received during the recruitment process for both internships and jobs.

Felicia Tan, BBA Alumnus

The workshop on Creating a Four-Year Strategic Plan is very inspiring. After looking through the 3 to 4 years plan shared with us, I can identify more specifically what I want to pursue in the future. Though the plan is packed and challenging, I am confident knowing that I have specific goals to cast my eyes on.

Jin Jianqing, BBA Student